Strategic Initiatives Planning Task Force


This task force was dissolved.


The LITA Board decided in June, 1998, to ask LITA members to assist with the development of new strategic priorities for the organization. The task force will solicit input for LITA's new strategic initiatives through LITA-L during the fall of 1998 and a LITA Town Meeting at Midwinter in Philadelphia. They will compile and summarize the input and facilitate the Town Meeting at which all LITA members are invited to help identify priority goals for LITA for the next few years. The Board will use the input to select the top strategic initiatives.

Michael Gorman
Dean of Library Services
California State University, Fresno
Adrian Alexander
Tom Leonhardt
Karen Starr
Kate Wakefield
Robin Wendler
Jian Zhong (Joe) Zhou
  Staff Liaison:
Jacqueline Mundell