LITA Standards Task Force

As part of our strategic initiatives, LITA believes it needs to be an active participant in the creation and adoption of standards that align with the library technology community.  We want LITA and its members to serve on the committees, groups, and task forces that develop the standards so we can help shape standards in the library technology realm.

This will be an expansion of LITA’s current standards initiatives which includes the work of the Standards Interest Group and the Standard’s Coordinator.


To explore and recommend strategies and initiatives LITA can implement to become more active in the creation and adoption of new technology related standards that align with the library community.
Propose an organizational structure that will support and sustain LITA’s increased involvement in the standards arena both within ALA and beyond.

To summarize the task force needs to determine:

  • which standard organizations LITA should participate in examples
    include NISO, ISO, W3C, etc.
  • how LITA can become actively involved in each of the identified organizations
  • what kind of support LITA members would need to increase their involvement in standards creation
  • how this new initiative can be sustained in the LITA organizational structure

Time Frame:

The task force should submit their final report before the ALA Midwinter Meeting in 2011.  A preliminary report should be submitted to the LITA Executive Board by October 15, 2010.