Engaging Public Libraries in LITA Task Force


LITA has many members from public libraries and even more program attendees from public libraries. The organization has some formal liaisons with other divisions of interest to public library staff, but these are frequently difficult to maintain over time and often have little impact on the offerings of LITA. It is of strategic importance for the organization to engage this segment of the library community in its activities and in its leadership positions.


  • Study the level of public library participation in the LITA membership and programming.
  • Identify current and future LITA activities of interest to the public library community.
  • Investigate opportunities to collaborate with other divisions and divisional members.
  • Develop a plan to involve public library LITA members in the divisional leadership.
  • Recommend services, programs, and outreach activities that will increase the value of LITA for members from public libraries and attract new members from these organizations.


The Task Force shall operate from February 2004 through January 2005.


The Task Force may request support from the LITA Office for information regarding current LITA membership and other divisional contacts as needed.


  • Progress report April 30, 2004 to LITA President.
  • Progress report at ALA Annual 2004 to LITA Board.
  • Progress report October 1, 2004 to LITA President.
  • Final report at ALA Midwinter 2005 to LITA Board.


  • Pamela Brown, Chair, Suburban Library System
  • Wei Jeng-Chu, Worester Public Library
  • Isabel Danforth, International College of Hospitality Management
  • Larry Neal, Clinton-Macomb Public Library