LITA Online Programming Task Force

LITA needs a system or process to gather, post, and share LITA sponsored programs presented at conferences and events online. Its time we do.

To explore and recommend a systematic approach to gather and post LITA programs presented at events such as ALA Annual Conference, LITA National Forum, LITA Camp, etc.

  • Identify the types of programs that are presented and which are most appropriate for online posting
  • Identify other organizations such as ACRL, PLA, WebJunction, etc, who are currently providing this service to learn about their experiences
  • How should the content be delivered online i.e. live webcast, produced in a studio, screencast, etc.
  • Identify, evaluate, and analyze available systems
  • Identify which systems are best for delivering each type of program
  • Determine who should have access to what types of programs and how.  This should include:
    • Identifying the appropriate delivery method
    • Who should have access. Should it be available to all LITA members, available to everyone, etc.?,
    • Should access be different for different user communities?
    • Should their be a registration fee for certain types of programming

Task Force Members
The task force should include at least one member from each of the following LITA Committees:

  • LITA Program Planning Committee
  • LITA National Forum Committee 2009
  • LITA National Forum Committee 2010 
  • LITA Web Coordinating Committee
  • LITA Education Committee

The task force should submit their recommendations to the LITA Board of Directors no later then ALA Midwinter Conference 2010 and run a pilot project at the Annual Conference 2010.

Task Force Members