Amanda L. Goodman, 2017 Candidate for LITA Director-at-Large

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For tech people, LITA is the home for you in ALA. We're often flying solo or are few in number at our organizations, so we need a place where we can seek advice, reassurance, and meet like-minded people. We love the latest tech trends, experimenting with technology, and making libraries a more accessible place for all users/patrons. I want to assist LITA in being more responsive to members' needs and by extension, the practical, real needs of members' communities. Each organization is different with varying levels of tech support and structure. As a Director-at-Large, my focus will be on encouraging LITA keeping its eye on the end-user -- the one we are here to help.


Current Position

Publicity Manager, Darien Library, Darien, CT

Type of Library


Previous Positions

User Experience Librarian, Darien Library, 07/2011 to 09/2016

Degrees and Certificates

University of North Carolina Greensboro, MLIS, 2011; University of North Carolina Asheville, BA Multimedia Arts and Science, 2008.

Division Affiliations


Were you a Spectrum Scholar?


Were you an Emerging Leader?


ALA and/or ALA-APA Activities

ALA Office of Information Technology Policy, Advisory Board, 2013-2015
ALA Office of Information Technology Policy, Subcommittee for 3D Printing, 2014-2015
ALA LITA; Chair of 3D Printing/Maker Technology Interest Group, 2015-2016
LITA President's Program Planning Task Force, 2015
LITA Persona Task Force, 2016-2017

Offices Held in State, Regional, and Other Library Associations

University of North Carolina Greensboro Library and Information Studies Student Association, Vice-President, 2010-2011

Honors and Awards

ALA Emerging Leader, 2015
Connecticut Library Association Honorable Mention for Outstanding Library Public Relations in Print Media, 2015
Connecticut Library Association Award for Outstanding Library Public Relations in Print Media, 2014
Connecticut Library Association Award for Outstanding Library Public Relations in Video, 2012

Major Accomplishments

I am an enthusiastic and driven member of the profession who is eager to give back and actively engage with others in the field. With this goal in mind, I started the global Map of 3D Printers in Libraries ( Reported uses so far include helping the public find a local 3D printer and/or makerspace and as evidence to encourage government financial support for libraries. This led to the founding of the LITA Maker Technology Interest Group. I am also a co-founder of LibUX ( whose goal is to make user experience (UX) education and knowledge more accessible with hands-on examples and through interviews with library UX experts. The Library and Information Science Syllabi site ( is to help educators develop their materials and encourage working professionals to continue their education on their own. I have taught five online courses and multiple webinars on technology & UX. 


Goodman, Amanda L.: Library Technology Report: Digital Media Labs in Libraries, ALA Editions, 2014.

Goodman, Amanda L.: The Comparative Guide to WordPress in Libraries, ALA Tech Source, 2013.

Goodman, Amanda L.: "Libraries: A Canvas for Creating Meaningful User Experience," UX Magazine, 2013.

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