LITA Newsletter Committee


This committee was dissolved.


The LITA Newsletter Committee is a subcommittee of the LITA Publications Committee.  The LITA Newsletter supports the interests of the division by informing the members about current affairs within LITA and ALA. It provides information and reports on meetings and programs, and news and opinion in areas of interest to LITA. The Newsletter is published electronically on the LITA website. A printed news section called LITA Notes is inserted in ITAL each quarter.

The LITA Newsletter complements Information Technology and Libraries in order to serve the needs of LITA members. The LITA Newsletter does not include critical reviews, research papers, technical communications or other material suited to the journal.


The editor reports to the LITA Publications committee and serves as an ex-officio member of the ITAL Editorial Board.

Martin Kalfatovic
Mary Deane
William G. Murray
Debra Shapiro
 ITAL Editor:
Dan K. Marmion
 TER Editor:
Thomas C. Wilson
 Staff Liaison:
Jacqueline Mundell , Executive Director, LITA