Legislation and Regulation Committee


This committee is inactive.


The Legislation and Regulation Committee monitors legislative and regulatory developments in the areas of information and communications technologies; identifies relevant issues affecting libraries and assists in developing appropriate strategies for responding to these issues. The Committee publicizes these issues and strategies to LITA members. The Committee also acts as technical advisor to the ALA Committee on Legislation in matters dealing with information and communications technologies and maintains ties with the ALA Washington Office, in particualr the Office for Information Technology Policy (OITP). The Committee may be called upon to speak for the association to legislators or other regulatory agencies.

The Legislation and Regulation Committee Chair also serves as the LITA Representative to the ALA Legislative Assembly. Alternatively, the Chair may officially appoint a committee member to serve as the LITA Representative. The Chair will notify the LITA Office with the name of the LITA Representative to the ALA Legislative Assembly so that all rosters and distribution lists can be updated. Action items and items of relevance to LITA are to be reported by the LITA Rep to the LITA President and Executive Director.