Leadership Development Committee


This committee is inactive.


To plan and organize leadership development events for LITA committee and interest group officers and LITA members. This committee is allowed to sponsor programs and to prepare publications. To stand ready to offer advice to LITA officers and staff, as needed and requested, on organization events for committee and interest group officers.

At least three members at large, each with relevant LITA leadership experience; a member of the Board; and the Interest Group Coordinator, ex officio.


Bonnie S. Postlethwaite (1998-2002)
Navjit K. Brar (2001-2003)
Maureen Hammer (1998-2002)
Mary Mallory (2001-2003)
Judy S. Maseles (1998-2002)
Cynthia Nicotera (2000-2002)
Louise M. Ratliff (2001-2003)
C. Denise Stephens (1999-2003)
Lainey Westbrooks (2001-2002)
Ex Officio:
Susan Logue
Board Liaison:
Karen J. Cook
Staff Liaison:
Rebecca Felkner