Thirty-Five Years of LIRT Conference Programs

List of thirty-five years of LIRT Conference Programs
1977 Organizational Meeting
1978 No Program This Year
1979 The Role of Libraries in Lifelong Learning
1980 Who Didn't You Reach Today?: Marketing Strategies for Educating Library Non-Users
1981 The Missing Link: In Search of Library Literacy
1982 Computers! Libraries! Learning!
1983 Getting It Together: Librarians and the Curricular Reform
1984 Getting the Most from the Least: Producing Professional Looking Audiovisuals for Library Instruction
1985 Giving Them What They Need: Assessment Techniques for Library Instruction
1986 You Can Do It: Creating an Action Plan for Library Instruction
1987 Hit Them Where They Are: Library Instruction on the Spot
1988 A-LIRT! Teaching Exceptional Library Patrons
1989 Think about it! Critical Thinking and Library Instruction
1990 Beyond the Drawing Board: Using Hypermedia in Libraries
1991 Cultural Diversity: Strategies for Promoting Information Literacy in a Changing World
1992 Brief Encounters: Using Techniques from Psychology and Education to Improve the Effectiveness of Reference Service
1993 Unmasking Technology: A Prelude to Teaching
1994 Going the Distance: Reaching and Teaching Remote Learners
1995 Class Act: Producing and Presenting Library Instruction
1996 Collaborative Solutions to Techno-Stress: Librarians Lead the Way

(Jointly sponsored with IS and NMRT)
1997 Focus on Students: Emphasizing Learning Styles
1998 Teaching the Teaching Librarian
1999 Technology in Action: Getting the Most from Your Electronic Classroom
2000 Teaching as Performance
2001 Partnerships for Instruction
2002 Emerging Visions: Libraries and Education in the 21st Century
2003 Critical Thinking: Teaching Thought and Process
2004 Angst to Zest: Empowering the Non-Traditional Student
2005 Seamless Transitions to College: Creating Successful Collaboration Programs
2006 Jazz Up Your Teaching with Technology: A Technology Fair
2007 It’s Showtime for Instruction Librarians! The Making of Short Films for Marketing & Instruction
2008 Energize Your Instruction: Keep the Magic Alive for You and your Audience
2009 Preparing Yourself to Teach: Touching all the Bases
2010 Capitalizing on Technology: A Teaching Technology Fair
2011 The Big (and Not so Easy): Missing Voices on the Student Transition to College
2012 Critical Thinking and Library Instruction: Fantasyland or Adventureland?