LIRT Steering Committee -- 2021-2022

Provides a brief list of the current Library Instruction Round Table (LIRT) Steering Committee members.

Below is a list of the current members of the LIRT Steering Committee. Full information can be found by logging in with your ALA credentials.

Table of Contents

LIRT Officers


Susan Mythen

Vice President

Becca Neel

Immediate Past President

Jennifer Hunter


Leanna Fry Balci


Erica England

Vice Treasurer/Treasurer Elect

Fagdeba Bakoyema (Bako)

LIRT ALA Councilor

Victor Baeza

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LIRT Appointed Officers

ALA Executive Board Liaison

Alexandra Rivera

ALA LIRT Liaison Officer

Danielle Ponton

Archivist (Past Secretary)

Michelle Roubal

Electronic Resources Manager

Billie Peterson-Lugo

LIRT News Editor

Sherri Brown

LIRT News Production Editor

Rachel Mulvihill

LIRT Representative to Institute for Information Literacy Executive Board

Ning Zou

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LIRT Appointed Representatives to ALA Assemblies

ALA Committee on Library Advocacy

Kristen Edson

ALA Conference Jury

Charissa Jefferson

ALA Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Assembly

Kel Hughes Jones

ALA Intellectual Freedom Committee

Michael Saar

ALA Literacy Assembly

Meggan Houlihan

ALA Membership Promotion Task Force

Michael Pearce

ALA Recruitment Assembly

Kim Copenhaver

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LIRT Committee and Task Force Chairpersons

Adult Learners Committee

Committee Members

Holly S. Hebert, Chair (2020-2022)

Leslie Rewis, Vice Chair (2021-2023)

Awards Committee

Committee Members

Rebecca O'Kelly Davis, Chair (2020-2022)

Wayne Finley, Vice Chair (2021-2023)

Communications Committee

Committee Members

Rachel Mulvihill, Chair (2019-2022)

Open, Vice Chair ()

Conference Program 2022 Committee

Committee Members

Lauren Kehoe, Chair (2020-2022)

Julie Hornick, Vice Chair (2019-2023)

Conference Program 2023 Committee

Committee Members

Julie Hornick, Chair (2019-2023)

Open, Vice Chair ()

Liaison Committee

Committee Members

Laura Pearle, Chair (2021-2023)

Open, Vice Chair ()

Membership Committee

Committee Members

Mitch Fontenot, Chair (2020-2022)

Lilly Dubach, Vice Chair (2021-2023)

Organization and Planning Committee

Committee Members

Nomination Form (online form)

Mark Robison, Chair (2020-2022)

Jennifer Hunter, Vice Chair (2021-2023)

Teaching, Learning, and Technology Committee

Committee Members

Jennifer Hamilton, Chair (2019-2022)

Open, Vice Chair ()

Top Twenty Committee

Committee Members

Melissa Gomis, Chair (2018-2022)

Meghann Kuhlmann, Vice Chair (2018-2022)

Transitions to College Committee

Committee Members -- Additional Information

Open, Chair ()

Open, Vice Chair ()

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