Organization and Planning Committee


This committee shall be responsible for long-range planning and making recommendations to guide the future direction of LIRT. The committee shall organize a strategic planning retreat every few years or as needed. It shall monitor the structure of LIRT on an ongoing basis and recommend to the Executive Board, and through it to the membership of LIRT, the creation, responsibilities, and discontinuance of committees and task forces. It will review and update the LIRT Manual annually. In addition, the committee shall review the Constitution and Bylaws of the Round Table annually and recommend amendments to the Executive Board as needed. The Past Treasurer shall prepare the Five Year Financial Plan report and present it at the second Organization & Planning committee at the Midwinter conference. The Past President shall serve as the chairperson. The Past Treasurer is a member of this committee and the President and Vice-President serve as ex-officio members.

Nominations will be a subcommittee of this committee. The Nominations Subcommittee shall prepare a slate of candidates for election to LIRT office and shall maintain the Nominations checklist of procedures. The Past President serves as a member of the Subcommittee.


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