LIRT Oral Histories -- The Interviews

A list of those interviewed and those who did the interviewing for a collection of LIRT leadership oral histories obtained by one of the 2012 Emerging Leaders teams, in celebration of LIRT's 35th anniversary. Those interviewed include: Alison Armstrong, Marilyn Barr, Tobeylynn Birch, Vibiana Bowman-Cvetkoic, Patricia Breivik, Linda Colding, Carol Derner, Valerie Feinman, Dianne Langlois, Stephanie Michel, Emily Okada, Lois Pausch, Mary Popp, Carol Schuetz, Diana Shonrock, Mitch Stepanovich, and Lisa Williams. Those who interviewed include: Adrienne Breznau, Jovanni Lota, Heather Rayl, and Shannon Rosenbaum.

The Interviews

Thanks to all who agreed to be interviewed, in alphabetical order:

Alison Armstrong

Marilyn Barr

Tobeylynn Birch

Patricia Breivik

Dr. Linda Colding

Vibiana Cvetkovik

Carol Derner

Valerie Feinman

Linda Goff

Dianne Langlois

Stephanie Michel

Emily Okada

Lois Pausch

Mary Popp

Carol Schuetz

Diana Shonrock

Mitch Stepanovich

Lisa Williams

Interviewees and Team Members

Interviewee Interviewed By
Alison Armstrong, LIRT President 2000-2001 Shannon Rosenbaum
Marilynn Barr, LIRT President 1986-1987 Heather Rayl
Tobeylynn Birch, LIRT President 1988-1989 Heather Rayl
Vibiana Bowman-Cvetkovic, LIRT President 2006-2008 Jovanni Lota
Patricia Breivik, LIRT President 1978-1979 Shannon Rosenbaum
Dr Linda Colding, LIRT President 2008-2009 Jovanni Lota
Carol Derner, LIRT President 1995-1996 Adrienne Breznau
Valerie Feinman, LIRT Member Since 1984 Jovanni Lota
Linda Goff, LIRT President 2011-2012 Jovanni Lota
Dianne Langlois, LIRT President 1991-1992 Adrienne Breznau
Stephanie Michel, LIRT President 2003-2004 Shannon Rosenbaum
Emily Okada, LIRT President 1993-1994 Heather Rayl
Lois Pausch, LIRT President 1980-1981 Heather Rayl
Mary Popp, LIRT President 1984-1985 Heather Rayl
Carol Schuetz, LIRT President 2005-2006 Jovanni Lota
Diana Shonrock, Author of Evaluating Library Instruction Adrienne Breznau
Mitch Stepanovich, LIRT President 1999-2000 Shannon Rosenbaum
Lisa Williams, LIRT President 2009-2010 Adrienne Breznau