Oral Histories -- Forms

A list of the forms used for completing these oral histories.

Each interviewee has to sign these forms.

  • The Informed Consent form explains the interview process, and the rights of the interviewee who is participating.
  • The Deed of Gift form grants the the rights to use the interviews as part of the 35th Anniversary Oral History Project and to make the interview available for other scholarly use.
  • The Deed of Gift Memorabilia from covers any physical or digital items that are not the interview that the interviewee grants the right to use in the project.
  • The Biography Form collects personal information on the interviewee.

These forms were based on the forms available in Doing Oral History: a Practical Guide, by Donald A. Ritchie.

LIRT Biography Form 2012

LIRT Deed of Gift 2012

LIRT Deed of Gift Memorabilia 2012

LIRT Informed Consent 2012