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Library History Round Table Awards

History of the Library History Round Table

Describes the activities of the first 25 years. A shorter version of this paper was delivered at the 50th anniversary meeting of the Library History Round Table (LHRT) in Washington, D. C. on June, 7, 1998, and subsequently published with other papers of that meeting in Libraries and Culture under the title, Louis Shores and Library History.

Library History Round Table News Blog and Newsletters Archives

The LHRT News blog is the current format for disseminating LHRT information. The Library History Round Table Newsletter was published semi-annually until 2013.

Library History Round Table Bibliographies

A semi-annual bibliography of recent writings on library history. A cumulative bibliography was compiled for earlier years.

American Library History: A Comprehensive Guide to the Literature

Offers a detailed bibliography of works related to the development and functions of American libraries, including the earliest public, Sunday School, YMCA, and privately established libraries around the country. Includes listings of biographies of individual librarians and benefactors.