Notable IRRT Member


Susan Schnuer

Associate Director
Mortenson Center for International Library Programs

University of Illinois

IRRT Member Since – I joined ALA in 1993 and IRRT soon thereafter.

Most Enjoyable Library Project/Projects – There is a difficult question. I have a dream job at the Mortenson Center for International Library Programs A job that has taken me since 1992 all over the world to work with librarians. The Mortenson Center focuses on providing training and professional development to librarians outside of the United States. The fun and challenge for me is using my skills to work in different cultures and environments. Over the past years I have been in Central America, Colombia, Haiti, Russia, Georgia, China, South Africa, Ghana, Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria, Latvia and Romania. Each experience is different and all have been rewarding. It is a humbling and wonderful experience to have the opportunity to work with outstanding colleagues in different countries. I learn something new with each project and in each country.

Three words for new IRRT members – Engage – Listen - Accept