IFRT offers the perfect opportunity to get involved in intellectual freedom issues at the national level. Lots of opportunities exist for committee volunteers. Becoming an IFRT member is a great way to meet others interested in censorship and the freedom to read.

IFRT welcomes a broad range of participation in the organization. You can

  • serve on a committee
  • chair a committee
  • run for an elected officer position
  • participate in informal round table discussions at ALA
  • offer suggestions or comments at board meetings
  • help staff the IFRT booth at ALA
  • assist in programs and events implementation
  • collaborate on intellectual freedom or privacy projects

The options are limitless, and we welcome your suggestions! IFRT offers formal volunteer appointments to committees, as well as informal short-term opportunities that coincide with your interests.

Volunteer for a Committee

The IFRT Committee Volunteer Form is OPEN. It will close again in August of 2023.

Volunteer for the Intellectual Freedom Round Table

The Intellectual Freedom Round Table has ten committees. Please keep in mind that in order to volunteer for one of the established committees you must be a member of ALA and IFRT.

All committee members are appointed for a two-year term. Terms are staggered so vacancies do not result in an entire committee being replaced at one time. Committee chairs serve one-year terms. Terms can be renewed once.

Bylaws and Organization Committee - The Bylaws and Organization Committee is responsible for reviewing, recommending, and seeking approval of changes to the bylaws and guiding documents of IFRT and its committees.

Coalition Building Committee - The Coalition Building Committee, charged with administering the Gerald Hodges Intellectual Freedom Chapter Relations Award, recognizes that effective coalition building in units provides the necessary framework to oppose censorship at the ground level.

Eli M. Oboler Memorial Award Committee - The Eli M. Oboler Memorial Award Committee recognizes a significant published work in the area of intellectual freedom. Books and articles are awarded in alternate years. (Commonly known as the Oboler Committee)

Executive Committee - The officers and committee chairs of the round table constitute the Executive Committee.

John Phillip Immroth Memorial Award Committee - The John Phillip Immroth Award Committee serves as the award jury to select and honor notable contributions to intellectual freedom and demonstrations of personal courage in defense of freedom of expression. (Commonly known as the Immroth Committee)

Membership Promotion Committee - The Membership Promotion Committee develops and undertakes effective ways to attract new members to IFRT, as well as to retain current members. The Membership Committee works with IFRT's Board and other IFRT committees to communicate the value of belonging to IFRT.

Merritt Fund Promotion Committee - The LeRoy C. Merritt Humanitarian Fund provides financial support to librarians who are denied employment rights because of their defense of intellectual freedom and privacy, or as a result of discrimination. Members of this committee raise awareness of the Merritt fund.

Nominating Committee - The Nominating Committee, chaired by the immediate past chair of the Round Table, shall seek candidates for the Round Table’s elected offices and prepares a slate of candidates for each spring election.

Programming and Events Committee - This committee works to plan and deliver member programming and events that meet the needs and strategic goals of IFRT.

Publications & Communications Committee - The Publications & Communications Committee promotes and documents the activities of the IFRT. This includes providing updates for the IFRT website, publishing the newsletter, producing the annual report, and promoting IFRT through social media channels.

We hope to have all committee appointments for 2022-2023 made by the end of June. Terms begin July 1, 2022. If you have questions about the status of your volunteer application, please contact us at ifrt@ala.org.

We believe that the freedom to read—and this round table—is for everyone. Thank you for your interest, your passion, and your commitment to #IntellectualFreedom.

Interest Form

If you're not sure about a committee appointment, if we're not recruiting committee volunteers, or would like a shorter, more flexible opportunity to be involved, take a minute to complete this interest form and a member of the executive board will follow up with you.