Publications Committee

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The Publications Committee has responsibility for:

  • Coordinating the dissemination of information in DttP: Documents to the People or other publications or through correspondence to member affiliates;
  • Publishing from time to time appropriate bibliographic or other special publications by and for the benefit of document librarians and others;
  • Compiling information on publication options and procedures, reviewing to approve proposals or submitted texts of items to be published, distributed, or endorsed by GODORT and making recommendations on publishing to the GODORT Steering Committee
  • Maintaining a Notable Documents Panel responsible for the compilation and publication of an annual list of significant government documents;
  • Recommending and submitting for endorsement to the GODORT Steering Committee the Notable Documents Panel Chair.
  • Functioning as publisher of DttP; recommending and submitting for endorsement to the GODORT Steering Committee the DttP editor, and endorsing the members of the DttP Editorial Board upon the recommendation of the DttP editor.
  • Functioning as curator of GODORT Occasional Papers Series.

Notable Documents Panel

The Notable Documents Panel consists of the chair of the Panel, a federal selector and two judges, an international selector and two judges, and a state & local selector and two judges. Its purpose is:

  • To recognize excellence in government publishing, identify resources of distinction, and commend individual works of superlative nature.
  • To advertise the extensive range of material available in government information resources, illuminate the role of documents in society, and encourage their use bypeople of all ages.
  • To involve all sectors of the library community in the search for meritorious publications.
  • To encourage non-depository libraries to acquire government information.
  • To promote awareness of the Federal depository system, stimulate development of state and local depository systems, and foster awareness of foreign, international, state and local documents available in American libraries.

Notable Documents Panel Members

Notable Documents List: History and Bibliography

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