Exchange Share Your Content

Steps for adding and sharing content via the GODORT Education Committee's Exchange.

Please add your own resources to the Exchange to assist your government information and other library colleagues.

For help with posting content, please contact the GODORT Education Committee.

Any type of library staff created resource (i.e., guide, policy document, Webinar, video, listserv, community of practice, conference proceedings, etc. created by an individual or group of library government information professionals) may be included.

Categorized resources include:

  • Continuing education or training resources for government information
  • Library operations guides and tutorials
  • Product-oriented guides and tutorials
  • Subject guides

Create a subcategory where needed.

Add new resources within each subcategory in alphabetical order.

Follow the template of the entries already included.

Upload a resource, whenever feasible, so links do not need to be maintained.

Add new versions, if applicable. Replace current versions when you deem appropriate. Remove content only if you determine it is no longer useful.

Add "CC" as appropriate to permit noncommercial copying and adaptation when the original author is cited as stipulated under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 license.