Best Graphic Novels for Children Reading List - 2023 Nominations


The Graphic Novels & Comics Round Table Best Graphic Novels for Children reading list highlights the best graphic novels for children aged 5 – 12 years old and it aims to increase awareness of the graphic novel medium, raise voices of diverse comics creators, and aid library staff in the development of graphic novel collections. The final list will be announced in January 2024.

2023 Best Graphic Novels for Children Nominated Titles



All Ages (PreK-6th Grade)

Beak & Ally #4: Snow Birds. Written by Norm Feuti. Art by Norm Feuti. 2023. HarperAlley, $12.99 (9780063021679).

With winter on its way, new birds fly south and find themselves sharing a home with Beak. Ally is not excited about the noisy new neighbors, but Beak is excited. She quickly learns that her new friends just want to party, even if it keeps her up all night.

Fry Guys, Vol. 1. Written by Eric Geron. Art by Jannie Ho. Edited by Erinn Pascal. 2023. Andrews McMeel Publishing, $11.99 (9781524879433).

Waffle, Curly, and Sweets' hometown is invaded by evil UFO-nion Rings. They fight the Rings to protect their friends and the town.

Younger Readers (PreK-2nd Grade)

The Lost Mitten. Written by Jannie Ho. Art by Jannie Ho. 2023. Holliday House, $14.99 (9780823453153).

A rabbit and mouse search their snow-covered surroundings for the owner of a lost mitten.

Mimi and the Boo-Hoo Blahs. Written by Shauna J. Grant. Art by Shauna J. Grant. 2023. Graphix, $22.99 (9781338766707).

Mimi is feeling down, and even when she tries doing fun things with friends, she can't shake her Blahs. Only after she thinks about what brings her joy — and not just what her friends love — can she find a way to send the Blahs packing.

One Smart Cookie (#4). Written by Mika Song. Art by Mika Song. 2023. RH Graphic, $12.99 (9780593479759).

Norma and Belly, incorrigible squirrels, return to learn about the wonders of fortune cookies. They craft a plan to break into a fortune cookie factory and insert their own fortunes.

Pea, Bee, & Jay #6: The Big Bully. Written by Brian "Smitty" Smith. Art by Brian "Smitty" Smith. Typography by Erica De Chavez. 2023. HarperAlley, $19.99 (9780063236721).

Pea, Bee, and Jay are exploring one day when a pumpkin bully takes Jay's shiny rock from him. When the three confront the Pumpkin, they learn that Pumpkin is being bullied as well. The three set out to help Pumpkin.

Stick and Stone (#2) on the Go. Written by Beth Ferry. Art by Kristen Cella. 2023. ClarionBooks, $12.99 (9780358549383).

In the first story, Stick and Stone go on a picnic by the river, and Stone faces his fears of water and the dark cave. In the second story, Stick and Stone find the best pet but learn that sometimes you have to set your pet free.

Middle Readers (3rd-4th Grade)

The Cardboard Kingdom #3: Snow and Sorcery. Written by Chad Sell, Vid Alliger, Manuel Betancourt, David DeMeo, Jay Fuller-Ng, Barbara Perez Marquez, Katie Schenkel, and Jasmine Walls. Art by Chad Sell. 2023. Knopf Books for Young Readers, $20.99 (9780593481622).

The Cardboard Kingdom is under threat from kids from an adjoining neighborhood. A destroyed snow fort, a damaged drone, and mysterious footprints pit some kids against each other, while others unite to try to solve the mystery of who is really behind the trouble.

Fox Point's Own Gemma Hopper. Written by Brie Spangler. Art by Brie Spangler. 2023. Knopf Books for Young Readers, $21.99 (9780593428498).

Gemma loves baseball but is too busy running the household after her mother's death, while her brother Teddy is being pushed to play against his will. When practicing together, Teddy realizes that Gemma has talent and brings in coaches to watch them practice, hoping they both get into training camp.

Ink Girls. Written by Marieke Nijkamp. Art by Sylvia Bi. 2023. Greenwillow Books, $24.99 (9780063027114).

Cinzia is a printer's apprentice, working under Mestra. When Mestra is arrested for speaking out against the ruling family, Cinzia, with the help of the unruly Princess Elena, comes up with a plan, and they work together to free Mestra and fight censorship.

Mapmakers (Vol. 2) and the Enchanted Mountain. Written by Cameron Chittock. Art by Amber Castillo. 2023. RH Graphic, $21.99 (9780593172919).

Alidade, along with companions Lewis and Blue, is a Mapmaker on a mission to map the Mountain and defeat the control of the Night Coars. When they discover the people in a hidden valley village are suffering from a mysterious illness, they try to bring magical healing.

Older Readers (5th-6th Grade)

The Love Report. Written by BéKa. Art by Maya. Translated by Jessie Aufiery and Ivanka Hahnenberger. 2023. Hippo Park, $19.99 (9781662640407).

Grace and Lola are best friends and talk about everything. They discover that they are not sure what love is and decide to observe, study, ask questions, and analyze the couples in their middle school. They learn a lot about themselves, their friends, and what love might be.

Mexikid. Written by Pedro Martín. Art by Pedro Martín. 2023. Dial Books for Young Readers, $24.99 (9780593462287).

Pedro grew up listening to stories and his 8 siblings as they road trip to Mexico to pick up their abuelito and Pedro has a chance to get in touch with his roots.

Out There. Written by Seaerra Miller. Art by Seaerra Miller. Lettering by Mercedes Campez López. Cover design by Carolyn Bull. Designed by Carolyn Bull. Edited by Andrea Colvin. 2023. Little, Brown Ink, $24.99 (9780316591867).

Julia joins her dad on a trip to New Mexico to see where a UFO landed and finally meet the aliens her dad believes will arrive there. On the way, she learns about her dad, her values, and how to love a person who may not always be there.


All Ages (PreK-6th Grade)

Younger Readers (PreK-2nd Grade)

Middle Readers (3rd-4th Grade)

Older Readers (5th-6th Grade)



All Ages (PreK-6th Grade)

Clementine Fox and the Great Island Adventure (#1). Written by Leigh Luna. Art by Leigh Luna. 2023. Graphix, $22.99 (9781338356250).

Clementine hates math. When her mom insists on a tutor, Clementine skips school with her friends. They abscond atop a sea turtle to Clementine's aunt's island home, where she finally finds joy in math.

Peculiar Woods, Vol 1.: The Ancient Underwater City. Written by Andres J. Colmenares. Art by Andres J. Colmenares. 2023. Andrews McMeel, $19.99 (9781524879297).

Iggie is moving in with Jill, his biological mother, and is a little nervous about the move to Peculiar Woods. He discovers that objects around him come to life and sets off on a quest with his new friends: the talking chair, two chess pieces, and his blanket.

Spider-Man: Animals Assemble! Written by Mike Maihack. Art by Mike Maihack. 2023. Amulet, $12.99 (9781419764806).

Spider-Man is about to go stop a super-villain in Central Park when Iron Man drops by and asks him to pet-sit his goldfish. One by one, more superheroes drop off their pets for Peter to watch until chaos ensues.

Super Pancake, Vol 1. Written by Megan Wagner Lloyd. Art by Abhi Alwar. 2023. RH Graphic, $16.99 (9780593378441).

Peggy Pancake is just a normal breakfast food in Pancake Town until the Bacon Bullies put a secret formula in her lunch and transform her into Super Pancake. With Luc, her croissant best friend and side-kick, she masters her new super powers and defeats Dr. Breakfast Sandwich, a super villain.

Younger Readers (PreK-2nd Grade)

Bean the Stretchy Dragon. Written by Ari Stocrate. Art by Ari Stocrate. 2023. Andrews McMeel, $11.99 (9781524881016).

Bean is a small dragon who lives in a swamp with Sally the witch and has all sorts of adventures with lots of magical creatures.

Duck and Cluck: I Like This Color! A Silly Story About Listening. Written by Liz Goulet Dubois. Art by Liz Goulet Dubois. 2023. SourceBooks, $9.99 (9781728271989).

Duck and Cluck cannot agree on the best color for the room, but when they paint the wall together and their colors mix, they discover that together they can make something beautiful.

El Toro and Friends #4: Tacos Today. Written by Raúl the Third. Art by Raúl the Third. Color by Elaine Bay. 2023. HarperCollins Childrens, $12.99 (9780358539377).

El Toro and his friends are hungry and want tacos but have no money. They decide to hold a wrestling demonstration to make money and bring in so many customers that the taco sellers give them free tacos.

Figgy & Boone, Vol. 2: The Big Cheese. Written by Janee Trasler. Art by Janee Trasler. 2023. Simon Spotlight, $17.99 (9781665914529).

A "snackmergency" happens when mice Figgy and Boone discover they are all out of cheese. On their quest to find cheese to make cheesy toast, they discover a big wheel of cheese. The situation quickly gets out of hand and will require teamwork to resolve.

Let's Go! Written by Michael Emberley. Art by Michael Emberley. 2023. Holiday House, $14.99 (9780823446520).

Five friends head out to a party by land, sea, and air, making use of the pages of the book to fashion a variety of vehicles.

Pocket Peaches. Written by Dora Wang. Art by Dora Wang. 2023. Andrews McMeel, $11.99 (9781524878641).

Peaches is trying to become friends with Taro, who is new to town.

There Might Be a Kazoo Emergency. Written by Heidi E. Y. Stemple. Art by Selom Sunu. 2023. Simon Spotlight, $17.99 (9781665920049).

Gregory James is headed to school with a backpack of unusual supplies when he runs into Lola, a new student. As she helps him clean up, they decide to be friends. The bus arrives, but it is a disaster that can only be remedied by the contents of Gregory James' backpack.

Middle Readers (3rd-4th Grade)

Batpig #3: Go Pig or Go Home. Written by Rob Harrell. Art by Rob Harrell. 2023. Dial Graphic, $14.99 (9780593531945).

Gary (Batpig) has a lot to learn about making friends. At school, he does a little magic, encounters some weird magical creatures, and learns that he cannot pass tests by cheating. While at camp, Gary's friends make new friends, and he has to contend with changing friendship dynamics.

Beaky Barnes Vol. 1: Egg on the Loose. Written by David Ezra Stein. Art by David Ezra Stein. 2023. Penguin Workshop, $18.99 (9780593094761).

A madcap story about a restaurant inspector who just wants an egg sandwich, an overworked and enterprising chef, a business woman, and a protective mother hen and all the hijinks that ensue when an egg is stolen.

Bruce Wayne: Not Super. Written by Stuart Gibbs. Art by Berat Pekmezci. Color by Bill Finger. Created by Bob Kane and Jerry Siegel. 2023. DC Comics, $12.99 (9781779507679).

Bruce Wayne is bullied for being the only student without superpowers at his exclusive prep school for talented teens. Bruce wants to find a way to help Gotham but struggles to find a way to do so with so many extraordinary peers.

Buzzing. Written by Samuel Sattin. Art by Rye Hickman. 2023. Little, Brown Ink, $24.99 (9780316628433).

Isaac, who is 12, lives with OCD, and therapy does not seem to be helping. In class, a schoolmate notices his drawings and asks him to join their role-playing group. When his grades drop, Isaac's overprotective mother threatens this new-found freedom.

Cat's Cradle, Vol 2.: The Mole King's Lair. Written by Jo Rioux. Art by Jo Rioux. 2023. First Second, $23.99 (9781250625373).

Pursued by enemies, Suri, the monster-tamer, her gremlin friend, and her monster dog are on a journey to the Land of Giants, but they lack provisions. When they hear of the nearby treasure hoard of a giant Mole King, they hope to solve all their problems at once.

The Dog Knight, Vol. 1. Written by Jeremy Whitley. Art by Bre Indigo. Color by Melissa Capriglione. Lettering by Bre Indigo. 2023. Feiwel & Friends, $21.99 (9781250756718).

Frankie is a middle schooler struggling to find the perfect outfit for their concert, but nothing is quite right. While walking home, Frankie saves a friendly golden retriever from bullies, only to be transported to a magical doghouse where they must prove themselves worthy of being anointed Dog Knight.

Doodles from the Boogiedown. Written by Stephanie Rodriguez. Art by Stephanie Rodriguez. Color by Andrea Bell. 2023. Penguin Teen, $20.99 (9780451480651).

Steph is an art-loving 13 year-old living in the Bronx with her over-protective Dominican immigrant mom. When Steph learns about Laguardia, an arts focused high school in Manhattan, she decides to secretly apply, despite her mother forbidding it.

Duel. Written by Jessixa Bagley. Art by Aaron Bagley. Color by Guy Major. Design by Aaron Bagley, Tom Daley, and Chloë Foglia. 2023. Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, $24.99 (9781534496552).

Lucy is in sixth grade and new to middle school, while her sister, Gigi, is in eighth grade and is the Queen Bee. After losing their father, the two have grown apart, and, now in the same school, their fights escalate until only a fencing duel can settle things.

Mabuhay! Written by Zachary Sterling. Art by Zachary Sterling. Color by Rice Gallardo, Aaron Polk, and George Williams. Designed by Carina Taylor. Edited by Megan Peace. 2023. Graphix, $24.99 (9781338738643).

JJ and Althea hate working with their parents on their food truck, but when magical creatures begin to threaten their safety, they learn to embrace their Filipino identity and value the folklore their mom loves to share.

Skip! Written by Sarah Burgess. Art by Sarah Burgess. 2023. Andrews McMeel, $22.99 (9781524884543).

Jay, a poet, and Beah, a double-Dutch skipper, meet and immediately strike up an intense friendship. They spend all their time together on a competitive jump rope team, but as they grow as individuals, their friendship and identities are challenged.

Super Boba Café, Vol. 1. Written by Nidhi Chanani. Art by Nidhi Chanani. Color by Sarah Davidson. 2023. Amulet Books, $24.99 (9781419759567).

Aria visits her grandmother, Jing, in San Francisco, for the summer. Jing owns a Boba shop and is clearly hiding something from Aria, who just wants to help. When Jing forgets to feed a local monster one day, earthquakes begin, and she must work with her granddaughter to defeat them.

Older Readers (5th-6th Grade)

Club Kick Out! Vol. 1: Into the Ring. Written by Steph Mided. Art by Steph Mided. 2023. HarperAlley, $23.99 (9780063116467).

On the first day of school, Sasha's new principal cancels all clubs other than sports clubs. Sasha and her new friends decide to create a wrestling club, which allows them to shine and show their creativity.

Enlighten Me. Written by Minh Lê. Art by Chan Chau. Lettering by Deron Bennett. 2023. Little, Brown Ink, $24.99 (9780759555471).

After an altercation with a bully at school, Binh and his family spend a week at a silent Buddhist retreat where a nun tells Binh and his sister the Jataka tales about the many lives of the Buddha, and Binh begins to see himself in those stories.


All Ages (PreK-6th Grade)

Younger Readers (PreK-2nd Grade)

Middle Readers (3rd-4th Grade)

Older Readers (5th-6th Grade)

Big Ideas That Changed the World: We the People! Written by Don Brown. Art by Don Brown. Edited by Howard W Reeves. Design by Chelsea Hunter. 2022. Harry N. Abrams, $14.99 (9781419757389).

First Lady Abigail Adams takes readers through the roots of democracy from ancient Greece and Rome to West African empires and the Iroquois Confederacy, identifying the big ideas of representative government, and the innate flaws in the establishment of democracy in America.



All Ages (PreK-6th Grade)

Younger Readers (PreK-2nd Grade)

Batcat #1: The Ghostly Guest. Written by Meggie Ramm. Art by Meggie Ramm. Design by Andrea Miller. 2023. Amulet Books, $13.99 (9781419756573).

Batcat lives their solitary life playing video games and eating tacos and pizza. When a ghost shows up, Batcat goes off in search of a spell that will make the ghost go away. Neither quite bat nor cat, Batcat learns what it means to make friends and to embrace who they are.

The Hunger Heroes (#2): Snack Cabinet Sabotage. Written by Jarrett Lerner. Art by Jarrett Lerner. 2022. Aladdin, $19.99 (9781534480346).

The four Hunger Heroes respond to an emergency call to help a hungry babysitter fend off hunger. They encounter several obstacles, which turn out to have been planted by jealous frenemy.

Middle Readers (3rd-4th Grade)

All the Lovely Bad Ones: A Ghost Story Graphic Novel. Written by Mary Downing Hahn. Adapted by Scott Peterson. Art by Naomi Franquiz. Color by Brittany Peer. Lettering by Joamette Gil. 2023. Clarion Books, $24.99 (9780358650140).

Corey and her brother, Travis, enjoy pranks. While visiting their grandmother, they play tricks based on the legend that their grandmother's Inn is haunted. However, they accidently release something dangerous along with restless spirits and need to fix it.

Cosmic Cadets (Book 1): Contact. Written by Ben Crane. Art by Mimi Alves. Color by Priscilla Tramontano. 2023. Top Shelf Productions, $14.99 (9781603095204).

The crew of ESS Khonsu is exploring the galaxy. Jimmil, the son of the ship's captain, is not living up to his mother's expectations. When the cadets, led by Jimmil, find life on a planet, a misunderstanding may lead to war.

Eerie Tales from the School of Screams. Written by Graham Annable. Art by Graham Annable. 2023. First Second, $22.99 (9781250195043).

Siblings Davis and Emily do not mind tests, strict administrators, or any school subjects, but they dread the scary tales that students are forced to tell. As each of their classmates tell their stories, one story is being saved for save the students.

Four Eyes: A Graphic Novel (Vol. 1). Written by Rex Ogle. Art by Dave Valeza. Color by Ash Szymanik. 2023. Graphix, $24.99 (9781338574975).

Rex is excited to enter sixth grade, but things change when he is prescribed glasses and stuck waiting on a growth spurt. He loses friends, his family struggles to understand him, and he struggles to understand his family.

Hilo (Book 9): Gina and the Last City on Earth. Written by Judd Winick. Art by Judd Winick. Color by Maarta Laiho. 2023. Random House Graphic, $13.99 (9780593488096).

Gina and Reggie begin to unravel the secrets of the recently broken world, and the connections among characters and events multiply.

Juniper Mae #1: Knight of Tykotech City. Written by Sarah Soh. Art by Sarah Soh. 2023. Flying Eye Books, $12.99 (9781912497454).

Juniper is a young scientist and engineer. While flying an invention, Juniper crash lands in the dangerous forest. Juniper meets tama-tama, a small creature and discovers a mystery about old knights protecting the city. When danger appears, Juniper dons her own armor and protects her city.

Saving Sunshine. Written by Saadia Faruqi. Art by Shazleen Khan. 2023. First Second, $22.99 (9781250793805).

Twins Zara and Zeeshan have not gotten along in years, but a family trip forces them to hang out and get to know each other all over again, including learning to share one another's interests: animals and space.

Older Readers (5th-6th Grade)

Kariba. Written by James Clarke. Art by Daniel Clarke. Created by Daniel Snaddon. 2023. Catalyst Press, $19.99 (9781946395825).

Kariba has a special relationship with the Zambezi River, but she does not know she is the daughter of a river god. A dam is being built which will displace thousands, affecting her powers. When Kariba's father goes missing while visiting the dam, she sets off on a crazy adventure to find him.

A Sky of Paper Stars. Written by Susie Yi. Art by Susie Yi. 2023. Roaring Brook Press, $22.99 (9781250843883).

Yuna hates standing out as a Korean-American. She folds a thousand paper stars and wishes for normalcy, only to wake up to find her Halmoni (grandmother) has died suddenly. When her family returns to Korea to mourn, Yuna still feels out of place, and she races to undo her wish.


All Ages (PreK-6th Grade)

Younger Readers (PreK-2nd Grade)

Middle Readers (3rd-4th Grade)

Tasty: A History of Yummy Experiments. Written by Victoria Grace Elliott. Art by Victoria Grace Elliott. 2023. Random House Graphic, $13.99 (9780593425329).

With the help of sprites, Yummy explores the history of foods such as cheese, pickles, olives, Spam, and even soda. Each section ends with recipes featuring the different foods. Sprites have fun showing the reader the history of all the yummy food we eat.



All Ages (PreK-6th Grade)

Younger Readers (PreK-2nd Grade)

Worm and Caterpillar Are Friends. Written by Kaz Windness. Art by Kaz Windness. 2023. Simon Spotlight, $17.99 (9781665920001).

Worm and Caterpillar are friends who have a lot in common, such as being afraid of birds. When Caterpillar changes, Worm becomes afraid they are growing apart, but he learns that although Caterpillar has changed, he is still the same inside.

Middle Readers (3rd-4th Grade)

Dear Rosie. Written by Meghan Boehman. Art by Rachael Briner. Additional Writing and Coloring by Tom Plickford. 2023. Knopf Books for Young Readers, $20.99 (9780593571866).

For as long as they can remember, best friends Millie, Florence, Claire, Gabby, and Rosie have always been together. But the summer before eighth grade, Rosie dies in a car accident. The group struggles to carry on without her, and each girl expresses their grief in different ways.

Ember and the Island of Lost Creatures. Written by Jason Pamment. Art by Jason Pamment. 2023. HarperAlley, $15.99 (9780063065208).

Ember is a little boy living in a city of giants. When Ember meets Lua, a sea turtle, Lua takes Ember to a magical island where there is school for creatures who are his size. Ember learns that even here life can be challenging, but friendship grows in unexpected places.

Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library: The Graphic Novel. Written by Chris Grabenstein. Art by Douglas Holgate. 2023. RH Graphic, $21.99 (9780593484852).

The world's most famous game maker, Luigi Lemoncello, is hosting a contest for an overnight library stay at the town's new library. Kyle and his friends are excited to be picked to spend the night, but when the doors remain locked in the morning, they must find a way out.

Meesh the Bad Demon, Vol. 1. Written by Michelle Lam. Art by Michelle Lam. Color by Lauren "Perry" Wheeler. Design by Michelle Cunningham. 2023. Knopf Books for Young Readers, $21.99 (9780593372869).

Meesh is not like others: she likes flowers and Fairyland. When demon-kind is threatened, Meesh searches for help in Fairyland, where not everything is as she thought it would be. Along the way, she makes friends and learns to work together to save all worlds.

Picture Day, The Brinkley Yearbooks, Book 1. Written by Sarah Sax. Art by Sarah Sax. Design by Sarah Sax & April Ward. 2023. Alfred A. Knopf, $20.99 (9780593306888).

Seventh-grader Viv has an idea about how she wants to look in her upcoming school picture. When her mom does not agree, Viv takes things into her own hands and cuts off her braid while live-streaming. Viv becomes an overnight influencer, but things do not always work out as expected.

Song of the Sea: The Graphic Novel. Created by Tomm Moore. Adapted by Samuel Sattin. Art by Tomm Moore & Grace Ryan. Color by Niall O'Reilly. Lettering by Niccolo Pizarro. Layout by Niccolo Pizarro. Design by Carolyn Bull. Editing by Samantha Schulz. Production editing by Lindsay Walter-Greaney. 2023. Little, Brown Books for Young Reader, $24.99 (9780316438810).

Ben and Saoirse are still grieving the loss of their mother. When Ben and Saoirse discover that Saoirse is a selkie, they realize their mother's stories were real. Together they explore the magical underwater world and try to save the underworld spirit world from disappearing forever.

Travis Daventhorpe for the Win! Vol. 1. Written by Wes Molebash. Art by Wes Molebash. 2023. First Second, $13.99 (9781250801401).

Travis is a genius who struggles to make friends. When Travis and his robot encounter a bigger robot at the science fair, Travis and the new kid, Juniper, band together to try to save their school and community.

Wizkit: An Adventure Overdue. Written by Tanya J. Scott. Art by Tanya J. Scott. 2023. Atheneum, $20.99 (9781665900836).

Wizkit, a wizard cat in training, unwillingly goes on a journey to return a book to the library. Along the way, she and the book go on adventures and help other creatures. They make a lot of friends, and Wizkit learns how to enjoy life a little more.

Older Readers (5th-6th Grade)

Global. Written by Eoin Colfer & Andrew Donkin. Art by Giovanni Rigano. Lettering by Chris Dickey. 2023. Sourcebooks Young Readers, $24.99 (9781728257235).

Sami and Yuki live in completely different parts of the world, yet their lives are connected through the effects of global warming. As Sami fights to stay alive in his fishing village in the Indian Ocean, Yuki fights to save a new species of bear in the Arctic Circle.

The Green Girls. Written by Loïc Nicoloff. Art by Antoine Losty, Roberta Pierpaoli, & Alberto Zanon. Translated by Percy Leed. 2023. Graphic Universe, $29.32 (9781728460369).

The Green Girls are social media stars who want to save the environment. They come up with plans to stop a polluting container ship that is about to be launched, but their efforts always seem to end in disaster.

Parachute Kids. Written by Betty C. Tang. Art by Betty C. Tang. Lettering by Betty C. Tang. Edited by Tracy Mack. Design by Carina Taylor. 2023. Graphix, $24.99 (9781338832693).

Feng-Ling is surprised when a family vacation from Taiwan to Disneyland turns into a move to the US for a better life. When her mother's visa cannot be extended, the three siblings are left behind to fend for themselves. Facing challenges, Feng-Ling (now "Ann") finds a way to make a new home.

Pearl of the Sea. Written by Anthony Silverston & Raffaella Delle Donne. Art by Willem Samuel. Layout by Willem Samuel, Gabriela Camarillo, Kay Carmichael, & Jessie Ochse. Ink by Jessi Ochse. Text by Jessi Ochse. Color by Clyde Beach. Editing by Wayne Jones. 2023. Catalyst Press, $19.95 (9781946395740).

Ruth spends most of her time on the sea, fishing to help her father pay the bills. While doing a little poaching on the side, she meets Otto, an ancient sea monster. When Otto's existence is threatened, Pearl must ask for help to save him.

Tegan and Sara: Junior High. Written by Tegan Quin & Sara Quin. Art by Tillie Walden. Edited by Wesley Adams, Melissa Warten, and Hannah Miller. Design by Molly Johanson & Casper Manning. Production editing by Kat Kopit. 2023. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, $22.99 (9780374313012).

For the first time, twin sisters Tegan and Sara are being pulled in different directions by their new friends, interests, and junior high itself. This modern fictionalized account is inspired by the lives of twin sisters and musicians Tegan and Sara.



All Ages (PreK-6th Grade)

Younger Readers (PreK-2nd Grade)

Super-Serious Mysteries #1: The Untimely Passing of Nicholas Fart. Written by Josh Crute. Art by James Rey Sanchez. 2023. HarperAlley, $18.99 (9780063093393).

A foul smell rolls across where Nicholas Fart is sitting, causing him to faint. Penelope Whiff comes to his rescue, investigating who dealt the fart.

Wombats! Vol 1.: Go Camping. Written by Maddie Frost. Art by Maddie Frost. 2023. Viking Books for Young Readers, $12.99 (9780593465295).

Best friends Albert and Pickles are setting off on a camping trip with very different ideas of what that means. When Pickles arrives at the bare-bones campsite, he is devastated by the absence of a "Luxury Cottage," but a lost baby koala soon pulls both friends into an adventure.

Middle Readers (3rd-4th Grade)

The Do-Over. Written by Rodrigo Vargas. Art by Coni Yovaniniz. 2023. Clarion Books, $24.99 (9780358394044).

After Mariana moves to Ohio, she has trouble making friends. Mariana meets Zoe who loves science and Everly who is very creative. The three decide to open their own hair styling studio, True Colors, where they struggle to work together.

Hoops. Written by Matt Tavares. Art by Matt Tavares. 2023. Candlewick Press, $22.99 (9781536201369).

It is the early 1970s, and a high school is trying to form its first women's basketball team. The team struggles for equality as they fight for recognition, funding, and respect, gradually taking their town and the league by storm.

My Aunt is a Monster. Written by Reimena Yee. Art by Reimena Yee. 2022. RH Graphic, $20.99 (9780593125465).

After an accident leaves Safia in the hands of a distant aunt, she learns what it means to be a hero and find new friends and family-all while discovering that having the right people in your corner makes all the difference.

Saving Chupie. Written by Amparo Oritz. Art by Ronnie Garcia. 2023. HarperAlley, $24.99 (9780062950284).

Violeta visits Puerto Rico to help reopen her Abuelita's beloved restaurant after the hurricane. She quickly gets wrapped up with local kids who need help capturing a rumored Chupacabra. While searching, Violeta is saved by Chupie, and she knows that, in return, saving Chupie is the right thing to do.

Shakti. Written by SJ Sindu. Art by Nabi H. Ali. 2023. HarperAlley, $24.99 (9780063090132).

Shakti's fresh start in a new town is hampered by a trio of popular girls who have the school under a literal spell. Shakti must learn magic from Shakti's mom, who amplifies her witch abilities through the blessing of a Hindu goddess, while avoiding accidentally summoning her dangerous twin.

Older Readers (5th-6th Grade)

Lo & Behold. Written by Wendy Mass. Art by Gabi Mendez. 2023. RH Graphic, $20.99 (9780593179635).

Addie's mother's struggles with addiction have upended her life. Then her father suddenly moves them both away for a high-tech summer gig. Left to her own devices, Addie's escapist tendencies take over before she begrudgingly makes new friends and reconnects with the world by collaborating on a new VR project.

The Ojja-Wojja. Written by Magdalene Visaggio. Art by Jenn St-Onge. 2023. Balzer + Bray, $22.99 (9780062852397).

Queer, neurodivergent eigth graders Val and Lanie do not fit in at their school. When Val's special project on local ghosts leads to them accidentally releasing a demon that feeds on hate, the Ojja-Wojja, they have to save the town from a plague of mindless hate and conformity.


All Ages (PreK-6th Grade)

Younger Readers (PreK-2nd Grade)

Middle Readers (3rd-4th Grade)

Older Readers (5th-6th Grade)

Family Style: Memories of an American from Vietnam. Written by Thien Pham. Art by Thiem Pham. 2023. First Second, $25.99 (9781250809711).

Thien's first memory is food that he ate while aboard a boat heading to the U.S. from Vietnam. Once in a refugee camp, the family struggles, and things do not get much better once they are settled in California. Thien struggles to make friends and fights for the "American Dream."

History Comics: World War II, Fight on the Home Front. Written by Kate Hannigan. Art by Josh Rosen. 2023. First Second, $21.99 (9781250793348).

While soldiers were away fighting, at home, women, children, and elderly did whatever they were able to do to support the war efforts. This title pinpoints the discrimination faced by Japanese Americans, Black Americans, and others on the home front while highlighting the efforts in factories, fields, and kitchens across America.



Younger Readers (PreK-2nd Grade)

Gnome and Rat. Written by Lauren Stohler. Art by Lauren Stohler. 2023. Knopf Books for Young Readers, $10.99 (9780593487822).

Gnome and Rat are best friends and enjoy doing everything together, whether it is celebrating Hat Day or perfecting a new hairstyle for Gnome. They might be very different (Rat loves drinking tea and doing crosswords while Gnome loves caring for his hat and sausages), but they are always there for each other.

The Wolf in Underpants Breaks Free. Written by Wilfrid Lupano. Art by Paul Cauuet & Mayana Itoïz. Translated by Nathan Sacks. 2022. Graphic Universe, $19.99 (9781728459004).

The local squirrel chip-baron raises suspicions about how the Wolf has money when he does not appear to have a job. After being imprisoned, an investigation into the Wolf’s money reveals a parade of animals who sing the Wolf's praises and worry what they will do without his help.

Middle Readers (3rd-4th Grade)

The Bawk-Ness Monster (Cryptid Kids # 1). Written by Natalie Riess & Sara Goetter. Art by Natalie Riess & Sara Goetter. Cover design by Molly Johanson. 2023. First Second, $22.99 (9781250834669).

When Penny was young, the Bawk-Ness, half sea serpent and half chicken, saved her from drowning. Penny is about to move to the city, but before she goes, she would like to see "Bessie" one more time. While searching, Penny and her friends stumble on an evil plot to kidnap cryptids.

Ghost Book. Written by Remy Lai. Art by Remy Lai. Edited by Brian Geffen. Designed by Lisa Vega. Color by Ninakupenda Gaillard. 2023. Henry Holt & Co. Books for Young Readers, $22.99 (9781250810410).

July Chen can see ghosts but, to appease her dad, pretends they are not real. During Hungry Ghost Month, July befriends a ghost by saving him. When her friend turns out to be a wandering soul in need of help, it becomes apparent they may have met before.

Missing You. Written by Phellip Willian. Art by Melissa Garabeli. Translated by Fabio Ramos. Lettering by Deyvison Manes. 2023. Oni Press, $15.99 (9781637152072).

While dealing with a recent loss of their own, Thomas and Lara find a deer on the side of the road. Although the deer helps ease the pain in their hearts, they realize that a deer truly belongs in the forest, and they need to say goodbye once more.

The Moth Keeper. Written by K. O’Neill. Art by K. O’Neill. 2023. RH Graphic, $21.99 (9780593182277).

Anya has finally become the village's Luna moth protector, tasked with shepherding the moths that pollinate the Night-Lily flower that blooms once a year. Night after night, Anya fights her fear of the dark and grows lonelier. A surprise discovery opens Anya’s eyes but could spell disaster.

Squished. Written by Megan Wagner Lloyd. Art by Michelle Mee Nutter. 2023. Graphix, $24.99 (9781338568943).

Amidst the chaos of her five siblings, Avery dreams of her own room. Jealous that her older brother can retreat to his room while she cares for her younger siblings, she contrives a series of plans to raise money for a room renovation that is assisted and hindered by her family.

Witches of Brooklyn #4: Spell of a Time. Written by Sophie Escabasse. Art by Sophie Escabasse. 2023. RH Graphic, $21.99 (9780593565940).

Effie is learning to speak to the animals and learning what type of witch she is. From the seagulls, Effie and Garance learn that a mermaid is missing. With the help of Effie’s family and the seagulls, they go on a mission to save her.

Older Readers (5th-6th Grade)

The Librarian of Auschwitz: The Graphic Novel. Adapted by Salva Rubio. Written by Antonio Iturbe. Art by Loreto Aroca. Translated by Lilit Žekulin Thwaites. Design by Lisa Vega. 2023. Godwin., $22.99 (978129088878).

Dita Kraus, at age 14, along with her mother and father, found herself in Auschwitz, struggling to survive. At the risk of her own life, Dita became the librarian in the camp, and she found the strength to fight daily for her life while providing entertainment for those around her.

Match Point! Written by Maddie Gallegos. Art by Maddie Gallegos. 2023. First Second, $22.99 (9781250784155).

Rosie Vo is at odds with her dad–he loves racquetball, but she has come to dread the game. When Blair moves to the town, Rosie and Blair become fast friends. Having a new best friend who loves racquetball might be Rosie’s way out of having to compete at a tournament.

Scurry. Written by Mac Smith. Art by Mac Smith. 2023. Skybound Comet, $14.99 (9781534324367).

Mice friends, Wix and Umf, are out scouting for supplies for their colony. Once dependent on humans, they are now surviving in the humans’ absence, but danger is everywhere. Danger comes from those around them and from the outside world into which they must venture.


Middle Readers (3rd-4th Grade)

Science Comics: Frogs, Awesome Amphibians. Written by Liz Prince. Art by Liz Prince. 2023. First Second, $21.99 (9781250268860).

A move to the country leaves Fran with nothing but a boring pond in her backyard. She is catapulted into an amphibian school where Fran is taken on an educational journey through different environments where she meets many different types of frogs.

Older Readers (5th-6th Grade)

Muhammad Najem, War Reporter: How One Boy Put the Spotlight on Syria. Written by Muhammad Najem & Nora Neus. Art by Julie Robine. Cover art by Karina Granda. Color by Shin-Yeon Moon. Lettering by AndWorld Designs. 2022. Little, Brown, & Co., $24.99 (9780759556898).

A graphic memoir of Syrian teen Muhammad Najem who garnered international attention through his activism. Growing up during the Syrian War, and after experiencing the loss of his father, Muhammad takes to the streets with his smartphone to document the cost of the war and to raise awareness.



Younger Readers (PreK-2nd Grade)

Burt the Beetle Lives Here! Written by Ashley Spires. Art by Ashley Spires. 2023. Kids Can Press, $14.99 (9781525310119).

Burt the Beetle dreams of finding a home where he can settle down. Burt ends up examining many different types of bugs’ homes and wonders if he will ever find his own.

I Did It! Written by Michael Emberley. Art by Michael Emberley. 2022. Holiday House, $14.99 (9780823446513).

A striped little creature is learning to ride a bike and struggles between feeling he can and cannot. All his friends help and encourage him through the upsets and, at last, the excitement of succeeding.

I'm Ogre It. Written by Jeffrey Ebbeler. Art by Jeffrey Ebbeler. 2022. Holiday House, $14.99 (9780823450183).

Izzie discovers her brother has discarded beloved toys in favor of video games (specifically Smash Tower). At the same time, she discovers an ogre family has taken up residence in a backyard cave! Together, Izzie and an ogre use found objects to build a real-life smash tower to entice Ollie.

Shark Princess.Written by Nidhi Chanani. Art by Nidhi Chanani. 2022. Viking Books for Young Readers, $12.99 (9780593464601).

Kitana, the self-appointed shark princess, tries to convince her buddy Mack he is also a princess, because she believes anyone can be a princess. Together they set off on a playful adventure in a sunken ship.

Tater Tales #1: The Greatest in the World. Written by Ben Clanton. Art by Ben Clanton. Design by Lucy Ruth Cummins. 2022. Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, $14.99 (9781534493186).

Who is the Greatest in the World? Mutant potatoes Rot and Snot face off in three challenges to see who comes out on top!

This Is Not My Story. Written by Ryan Uytdewilligen. Art by David Huyck. 2023. Kids Can Press, $21.99 (9781525303432).

As an author tries to write a story, the main character insists "This is NOT my story!" The author changes to different genres, but the character is not satisfied. Eventually, they work together to write a story built from all the characters and settings encountered along the way.

Middle Readers (3rd-4th Grade)

Garvey's Choice: The Graphic Novel. Written by Nikki Grimes. Art by Theodore Taylor III. 2023. Astra, $22.99 (‎9781662660023).

Garvey is not an athlete, much to the disappointment of his father. He feels like a failure and eats for comfort. His best friend encourages him to join the choir at school. This new outlet changes everything for Garvey.

Katie the Catsitter #3: Secrets and Sidekicks. Written by Colleen AF Venable. Art by Stephanie Yue. 2023. RH Graphic, $20.99 (9780593379721).

When Katie's best friend Beth immediately excels at sidekick training, Katie wonders if she has the physical ability to be a good sidekick. Meanwhile, robots attack the city, and Katie thinks she knows who is responsible.

Leon the Extraordinary. Written by Jamar Nicholas. Art by Jamar Nicholas. Color by Bonaia Rosado. Lettering by EX Weaver. 2022. Graphix, $24.99 (9781338744156).

In a town awash in superheroes, Leon is powerless. He dresses and acts the part–solving problems with his wits–but often gets bullied. When Leon and a bully are left phoneless, they discover that phones are brainwashing their peers.

Prunella and the Cursed Skull Ring. Written by Matthew Loux. Art by Matthew Loux. Cover design by Kirk Benshoff. 2022. First Second, $18.99 (9781250162618).

Prunella lives on a monster island in a walled-off monster-hating town. As she is gardening, she finds a cursed ring that turns her into a skeleton girl. Exiled from the town and left to fend for herself, Prunella meets friendly monsters on her adventure to remove the cursed ring.

The Snowcat Prince. Written by Dina Norlund. Art by Dina Norlund. 2023. Oni Press, $14.99 (9781637151983).

Syv, the young snowcat prince, seeks to retrieve the lost crown of his ancestors which was taken by evil foxes. Syv must try to preserve his honor and confront his prejudices in order to bring honor back to his family.

Squire & Knight. Written by Scott Chantler. Art by Scott Chantler. 2023. First Second, $22.99 (9781250249333).

A dimwitted knight leaves his young squire behind when he attempts to defeat a village's dragon. The resourceful squire uses his smarts to resolve the dragon situation and save the knight.

Welcome to Feral: Little Town. Big Scares! Written by Mark Fearing. Art by Mark Fearing. Color by Lily Fearing. 2022. Holiday House, $21.99 (9780823448654).

The town of Feral seems like a normal town, but as the narrator tells five creepy, spooky stories, the reader will come to realize this town has secrets and mysteries that may never be solved.

Older Readers (5th-6th Grade)

A First Time for Everything. Written by Dan Santat. Art by Dan Santat. 2023. First Second, $22.99 (9781626724150).

A memoir of a middle school kid on a school trip to Europe where he finds himself as well as young love.

Anne: an adaptation of Anne of Green Gables (sort of). Written by Kathleen Gros. Art by Kathleen Gros. Typography by Lauren Mock & Kathleen Gros. 2022. Quill Tree Books, $22.99 (9780063057661).

After 15 foster placements, Anne comes to live with Matthew and Marilla. Determined to make the best of it, all are tested when expectations clash. Anne forges strong relationships with both foster parents and with a neighbor…a relationship that blossoms into first love.

Enemies (Berrybrook Middle School #4). Written by Svetlana Chmakova. Art by Svetlana Chmakova. Coloring Assistance by Effie Lealand & Melissa McCommon. Inking Assistance by Effie Lealand & Young Kim. Lettering by JY Editorial. 2022. Yen Press, $25.00 (9781975312794).

Jealous of her perfect sister, Felicity enters an entrepreneurship contest. ‘City wants to win something and have her family take her seriously for a change. She and a friend struggle to find the perfect business idea while competition heats up with a former friend and a budding crush.

Timothy Dinoman Saves the Cat. Written by Steve Thueson. Art by Steve Thueson. 2022. Lerner Publishing Group, $22.99 (9781728401775).

On a mission to save the world from satellite-stealing supervillains, Timothy Dinoman, iguanodon secret agent, gets a little distracted by the supervillain's adorable cat. As he tries to recover the satellite and uncover their dastardly plans, Timothy’s adventures take him through a fortress, a blimp, and a pancake feast.



Middle Readers (3rd-4th Grade)

Adventuregame Comic #1: Leviathan. Written by Jason Shiga. Art by Jason Shiga. 2022. Amulet, $14.99 (9781419757792).

Choosing different routes through this role-playing game comic take readers on the quest from a mysterious stranger to find the Starlight Wand and defeat the Leviathan to many other epic adventures.

Things in the Basement. Written by Ben Hatke. Art by Ben Hatke. Color by Zack Giallongo. 2023. First Second, $14.99 (9781250909541).

Milo’s hunt for his baby sister's sock takes him on a subterranean quest full of adventure, heartache, and love.

Older Readers (5th-6th Grade)

School Trip. Written by Jerry Craft. Art by Jerry Craft. 2023. Quill Tree Books, $24.99 (9780062885548).

While Jordan is still contemplating which high school to attend, he and his friends are excited about the school trip to Paris. When the teacher assigned to go is switched, everyone must work together to get through the trip. Friendship is tested, and new friendships arise.


Middle Readers (3rd-4th Grade)

Killer Underwear Invasion!: How to Spot Fake News, Disinformation & Conspiracy Theories. Written by Elise Gravel. Art by Elise Gravel. 2022. Chronicle Books, $14.99 (9781797214917).

Explore the history of fake news, reasons people create and share misinformation, how confirmation bias works, and the role of social media in spreading misinformation. Using the lens of humorous misinformation panics, young readers acquire the tools they need to analyze news stories and source reliability.

Santiago! Santiago Ramón Y Cajal - Artist, Scientist, Troublemaker. Written by Jay Hosler. Art by Jay Hosler. Color by Hilary Sycamore and Karina Edwards. 2022. Margaret Ferguson Books, $22.99 (9780823450367).

Growing up, mischievous Santiago wanted to be an artist, although his father wanted him to be a doctor. His father sent him away to school, yet Santiago continued secretly making art. Once he discovered the wonders of the microscope, art and medicine merged.