2024 Best Graphic Novels for Children Reading List


ALA’s Graphic Novels & Comics Round Table (GNCRT) is sharing the nominations for the 2024 Best Graphic Novels for Children (BGNC) Reading List. These reading list nominations highlight the best graphic novels for children aged 5 – 12 years old, published in late 2023 through 2024, and it aims to increase awareness of the graphic novel medium, raise voices of diverse comics creators, and aid library staff in the development of graphic novel collections.

The Graphic Novels and Comics Round Table (GNCRT) and its committees honor the entire creative team (including the writer, penciler, inker, colorist, letterer, and translator) involved in the titles listed. All of these people play a critical role in the creation of the work, helping to lift the story and give it life.

Best Graphic Novels for Children 2024 Selection Committee

  • Natasha Carty, Committee Co-Chair
  • Karlie Herndon, Committee Co-Chair
  • Angie Rundle, Committee Administrative Assistant
  • Althea Georges
  • William Kist
  • Allison (Ally) Watkins
  • Michelle Young
  • Deborah Zeman
  • Andréa Fernandes
  • Paige Harp
  • Julie Novak
  • Scot Smith
  • Bethni King
  • Emilio Romero

2024 Best Graphic Novels for Children - Nominations



Easy Readers (ages 5-9)

Duck and Moose. Written by Kirk Reedstrom. Art by Kirk Reedstrom. Design by Phil Buchanan.

  • Duck Moves In! Vol. 1. 2024. Disney Hyperion, $12.99 (9781368097277).
    Moose prefers peace and enjoys being alone. Things change quickly for Moose when the talkative Duck lands between his antlers and insists on that very spot being his new home. Although they have opposite personalities, the two eventually become friends.
  • Moose Blasts Off! Vol. 2. 2024. Disney Hyperion, $12.99 (9781368097307).
    Moose loves to play the imaginary game of Astronaut, but a disagreement arises when Duck insists he wants to play along. The two friends learn that they must compromise to have fun together.

Sky & Ty 1: Howdy, Partner! Written by Steve Breen. Art by Steve Breen. 2024. Pixel+Ink, $14.99 (9781645952145).
Join Sky as she goes looking for a loyal steed...not a pony, but a DINOSAUR! Who will win the dance-off between Dionsaur and Bear? WIll their parcel package arrive in time? Can you solve the riddles? Let's find out!

Super Magic Boy: I Am a Space Tiger. Written by Jarod Roselló. Art by Jarod Roselló. 2024. Random House Graphic, $10.99 (9780593427811).
A fun adventure for younger readers, full of silly and gentle humor. A younger version of "Calvin and Hobbes" for the kindergarten crowd.

Viewfinder. Written by Christine D.U. Chung and Salwa Majoka. Art by D.U. Chung and Salwa Majoka. 2024. Tundra Books, $18.99 (9780735268753).
In a science fiction future where humanity lives among the stars, a young space explorer encounters the beauty and wonder of Earth for the first time.

Middle Grade (ages 7-11)

The Circuit Graphic Novel. Written by Francisco Jiménez. Art by Celia Jacobs. Adapted by Andrew J. Rostan. 2024. Clarion Books, $24.99 (9780358348214).
In this memoir, Francisco Jiménez describes his youth as a child in a family of poor Mexican immigrants living in California. To survive, he and his family performed the backbreaking work of harvesting crops by hand.

Doña Quixote: Flight of the Witch. Written by Rey Terciero. Art by Monica M. Magaña. 2024. Henry Holt and Co., $22.99 (9781250795496).
A clever twist on the classic Don Quixote tale: Lucia has to solve the mystery of the missing possessions of her friends and neighbors. Add that to the fact that she's in middle school and has all the responsibilities of life! Great art and dialogue.

Lion Dancers. Written by Cai Tse. Art by Cai Tse. 2024. Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, $23.99 (9781665927246).
Wei dreamed of being a lion dancer until an accident led him to quit. Years later, a chance encounter leads him to try dancing again. But there's a slight hitch. One of his new teammates is Hung, his ex-friend who is bitter about Wei's return to the sport.

Monkey King and the World of Myths: The Monster and the Maze. Written by Maple Lam. Art by Maple Lam. 2024. G.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers, $23.99 (9780593524633).
Sun Wukong is the Monkey King, a powerful Beast with the ability to shapeshift. After being rejected, Wukong vows to become a god, hoping it will gain him admirers. The gods agree to his demand on one condition; he must defeat the monsters attacking the world.

Noodle & Bao. Written by Shaina Lu. Art by Shaina Lu. 2024. Quill Tree Books, $24.99 (9780063283411).
Through community organizing and resistance, Momo and the other residents of Town 99 come together to try and save their town from gentrification, especially their friends' beloved food cart, Noodle & Bao.

Taxi Ghost. Written by Sophie Escabasse. Art by Sophie Escabasse. Color by Kiwi Byrd. 2024. RH Graphic, $21.99 (9780593565988).
Over Winter Break, Adele gets her first period and learns she comes from a long line of mediums. Adele can see and interact with ghosts. Adele must work with ghosts and human friends to thwart an unscrupulous developer who wants to demolish a beloved old neighborhood and build condos.

Unico: Awakening (Volume 1), An Original Manga. Written by Samuel Sattin. Created by Osamu Tezuka. Art by Gurihiru. 2024. Graphix, $24.99 (9781339036342).
A young unicorn with powerful magic is pursued by the evil forces of an envious goddess.

What Happens Next?: Newsroom Nonsense. Written by Jess Smart Smiley. Art by Jess Smart Smiley. 2024. First Second, $22.99 (9781250772855).
In this third What Happens Next? book, middle school student Megan and her friends work on a school newspaper project with various complications and endings chosen by the reader.

Tween (ages 10-13)

The Cool Code 2.0: The Switch Glitch. Written by Deirdre Langeland. Art by Sarah Mai. 2023. Clarion Books, $24.99 (9780358549338).
When the coding club discovers a malicious user, Morgan, Zoey, and Daniel collaborate to develop an update to address the mischief caused by an AI llama influencing Marcus, a less-popular student, to create chaos in the school.

Magic Girls: Kira and the (Maybe) Space Princess. Written by Megan Brennan. Art by Megan Brennan. 2024. Random House Graphic, $21.99 (9780593709894).
Kira (a middle school student) is dazzled by the appearance of a half-cat, half-unicorn named Catacorn who leads her on multiple action-packed adventures, demonstrating that friendship might be more important than magic in navigating middle school and the universe.

Let's Go, Coco! Written by Coco Fox. Art by Coco Fox. 2024. HarperAlley, $24.99 (9780063256415).
Eleven-year-old Coco is super bummed that her best friend moved away. She awkwardly tries to make new friends by joining the basketball team. But being friends with Maddie, the bully, can be dangerous! Coco learns to be kinder to the friends who are true friends instead of trying to please Maddie.

Monster Locker. Written by Jorge Aguirre. Art by Andrés Vera Martínez. 2024. First Second, $22.99 (9781250749741).
All Pablo wants is to survive school by staying under the radar. Unfortunately, his new locker contains the power to summon monsters from another dimension.

Shiny Misfits. Written by Maysoon Zayid. Art by Shadia Amin. Color by Elle Pierre and Wes Dzioba. Letters by EK Weaver. 2024. Graphix, $24.99 (9781338752519).
Bay Ann has cerebral palsy and is determined to outshine her talented classmate Alyee Maq at school and online. After her quest to go viral on social media jeopardizes her relationship with her best friends, she understands that fame is not so important after all.

Sink or Swim. Written by Lee Durfey-Lavoie. Art by Veronica Agarwal. 2024. Random House Graphic, $22.99 (9780593125519).
12-year-old Ty gets self-conscious after he gains weight due to an injury. He ghosts his best friends, Max and Heather, which makes them think he doesn't like them anymore. When they go to summer camp together, the friends feel awkward around each other.


Middle Grade (ages 7-11)

Lost & Found: Based on a True Story. Written by Mei Yu. Art by Mei Yu. Design by Liam Donnelly. 2024. Union Square Kins, $16.99 (9781454945475).
Mei experiences difficulties at home and school after her family moves from China to Canada. Along with her imaginary cat Meiow, she discovers a creative way to overcome her language barrier and finds a new friend.



Picture Books (ages 3-8)

Everyone Gets a Turn. Written by Marianne Dubuc. Art by Marianne Dubuc. 2024. Princeton Architectural Press, $18.99 (9781797227290).
After Bear, Turtle, Hare, and Mouse find an egg in the woods, the four animal friends take turns trying to raise it.

The First Day of May. Written by Henrique Coser Moreira. Art by Henrique Coser Moreira. 2024. Levine Querido, $15.99 (9781646143825).
In this wordless graphic novel, a child goes outside to play on the first sunny day of the year. She explores the world in mundane and magical ways and ends her adventures with tea and a nap in the grass.

Easy Readers (ages 5-9)

Bog Myrtle. Written by Sid Sharp. Art by Sid Sharp. 2024. Annick Press, $22.99 (9781773218922).
Cheerful Beatrice and grouchy Magnolia are sisters who live together in poverty. Since Magnolia is cold, Beatrice goes to the forest to find treasures to sell and knit her sister a warm sweater. In the forest, she meets Bog Myrtle, a reasonable giant spider concerned about sustainability.

Cloud Puppy. Written by Kelly Leigh Miller. Art by Kelly Leigh Miller. 2024. Atheneum Books for Young Readers, $12.99 (9781665932127).
Cloud Puppy is excited to attend her first Comic Con and to meet her favorite author. But when she finds out her best friend plans to dress up as the same character, will their friendship survive?

Night Stories: Folktales from Latin America. Written by Liniers. Introduction by David Bowles. 2024. TOON Books, $17.99 (9781662665295).
A pair of siblings that can't fall asleep share spooky stories.

Sunset of the Sabertooth Graphic Novel (Magic Tree House). Written by Mary Pope Osborne. Art by Kelly Matthews and Nichole Matthews. Adapted by Jenny Laird. 2024. Random House Books for Young Readers, $17.99 (9780593706015).
To break a magic spell, Jack and Annie are transported back to the Ice Age...in their bathing suits! Now to get back home, and avoid freezing, they must find a mysterious object.

Zooni Tales: Keep It Up, Plucky Pup. Written by Vikram Madan. Art by Vikram Madan. 2023. Holiday House, $13.99 (9780823453573).
Zooni the dog stars in three short rhyming stories for early readers.

Middle Grade (ages 7-11)

Blue Stars: Mission One: The Vice Principal Problem. Written by Kekla Magoon and Cynthia Leitich Smith. Art by Molly Murakami. 2024. Candlewick, $22.99 (9781536204995).
Riley and Maya have moved from their homes and are living in Urbanopolis. Trouble comes when the Vice Principal plots to cut club budgets to fund more space for detention. Riley and Maya fight these budget cuts, but can they put their differences aside to stand up for what's right?

Ellie in First Position. Written by Brian Freschi. Art by Elena Triolo. Translated by Nanette McGuinness. 2023. Marble Press, $13.99 (9781958325001).
After her parents' divorce, Ellie has to deal with being the new kid at school. Her mother encourages her to join a sport to make friends, but no sport she tries fits. Ellie secretly desires to dance, an activity of which her mother disapproves.

Gamerville. Written by Johnnie Christmas. Art by Johnnie Christmas. 2024. HarperAlley, $24.99 (9780063056824).
Max loves to play video games and wants to become a video game champion. When his parents send him to Camp Reset for a break from electronics, he learns there might be more to life than video games.

The Happy Shop. Written by Brittany Long Olsen. Art by Brittany Long Olsen. 2024. Oni Press, $14.99 (9781637152799).
When Darcy moves to a new country, she discovers a strange shop that sells happy feelings in jars.

The New Girl. Written by Cassandra Calin. Art by Cassandra Calin. 2024. Graphix, $24.99 (9781338762464).
Twelve-year-old Lia immigrated from Romania to Canada with her parents and little brother. Starting at her new school, she has to learn to adapt to her classes and friendships while dealing with a language barrier at the same time.

Rune: The Tale of a Thousand Faces. Written by Carlos Sánchez. Art by Carlos Sánchez. 2024. Flying Eye Books, $15.99 (9781838741211).
After being chased by bullies, Chiri and Dai stumble into Puddin', a magical land under siege by a sinister creature known as the Shadow King.

Schnozzer & Tatertoes: Shoot the Moon! Written by Rick Stromoski. Art by Rick Stromoski. 2024. Union Square Kids, $16.99 (9781454948346).
Two dogs, Schnozzer and Tatertoes, visit an air and space museum where they accidentally blast off, visit the moon, and save the Earth from a meteor.

Swing. Written by Audrey Meeker. Art by Audrey Meeker. Color by Sarah Davidson. 2024. Feiwel & Friends, $22.99 (9781250864031).
Marcus is living under the shadow of his older soccer star brother, and Izzy is dealing with a controlling mom and being bullied by Marcus' soccer friend Ted. They enter a talent contest with a swing dance in which Izzy takes the lead.

Travis Daventhorpe for the Win 2: Travis Daventhorpe Powers Up! Written by Wes Molebash. Art by Wes Molebash. 2024. First Second, $22.99 (9781250801425).
After sending robot-dinosaurs back to their dimension, Travis must continue to train with his sword and rely less on his technological prowess. He discovers that his worst enemy isn't that bad, and he learns to trust himself and others.

Tween (ages 10-13)

Hilo Book 10: Rise of the Cat. Written by Judd Winick. Art by Judd Winick. Color by Maarta Laiho. 2024. Random House Graphic, $14.99 (9780593488126).
When Polly's unsanctioned adventures get her into trouble, she is forced to attend a boarding school for magical rejects. But when mysterious monsters start appearing on school grounds, it's up to Polly, her brother Pip, and their robot friend Noria to identify the source of this new danger.

Knots. Written by Colleen Frakes. Art by Colleen Frakes. 2024. HarperAlley, $24.99 (9780063247178).
Norah and her sister Lark are tired of moving for their parents' prison jobs. Now her mom and sister have to move for a job, and Norah struggles to care for herself while her dad works overtime. She is afraid to ask for help—even after a bad bleach job.

Unicorn Boy. Written by Dave Roman. Art by Dave Roman. Color by Heather Mann. 2024. First Second, $14.99 (9781250830265).
A shy pre-teen boy named Brian grows a unicorn horn on his head. At first, he attempts to hide this new feature, but the disappearance of his friend Avery thrusts Brian into a series of fantastic adventures that Brian and Avery experience.

The Witch's Wings and Other Terrifying Tales. Written by Tehlor Kay Mejia. Art by Alexis Hernandez, Justin Hernandez, Kaylee Rowena, and Junyi Wu. Letters by Bernardo Brice. 2023. Amulet Books, $24.99 (9781419763564).
Alicia wants to join the Midnight Society, a group of kids who gather in the woods to tell scary stories. One night she stumbles upon them, and, to prove her worth, Alicia must tell three terrifying tales that impress the other members. Does she have what it takes?


Middle Grade (ages 7-11)

Puzzled: A Memoir about Growing Up with OCD. Written by Pan Cooke. Art by Pan Cooke. 2024. Rocky Pond Books, $23.99 (9780593615614).
This memoir tells of the author's struggles with OCD from a very young age. Told in episodic fashion, the book never slows down as the author packs on the details about OCD and how he has persevered.

Tween (ages 10-13)

The Girl Who Sang: A Holocaust Memoir of Hope and Survival. Written by Estelle Nadel, Sammy Savos, and Bethany Strout. Art by Sammy Savos. Interior design by Yan May. Cover design by Sunny Lee. 2024. Roaring Brook Press, $17.99 (9781250247773).
Enia was only seven years old when the Nazis invaded Poland at the start of WWII, and she and her Jewish family went into hiding. She describes the hardships and tragedies the family faced during and after the war when she and her surviving brothers came to the United States.



Easy Readers (ages 5-9)

Bad Kitty Makes a Movie. Written by Nick Bruel. Art by Nick Bruel. 2023. Roaring Brook Press, $13.99 (9781250884780).
When Uncle Murray accidentally uploads Kitty's video to Viewtube, chaos ensues as Kitty becomes an unexpected internet sensation. Get ready for a bundle of antics and stardom that you won't want to put down.

Jackson's Wilder Adventures. Written by Sarah Davidson. Art by Sarah Davidson. 2024. Papercutz, $7.99 (9781545800843).
Think Calvin & Hobbes plus the TV show Bizarre Foods sprinkled with the Crocodile Hunter. Jackson Wilder has an imaginary friend named Irwin the Thylacine. When Jackson's dad serves him leftover casserole, Irwin takes him via transporter on a tour around the world where Jackson learns about gross things animals eat.

Middle Grade (ages 7-11)

The Adventures of Invisible Boy. Written by Doogie Horner. Art by Doogie Horner. 2024. G.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers, $20.99 (9780593532645).
On Stanley's first day at a new school, he creates chaos at the science fair -- and winds up invisible!

Art Club. Written by Rashad Doucet. Art by Rashad Doucet. 2024. Little, Brown Ink, $24.99 (9780759556362).
Dale Donovan lacked focus until he was assigned to research his future career. He chose to present himself as a comic book artist, but his teacher dismissed him. To prove his teacher wrong, Dale created an art club that inspired other students to explore their interests in art.

DnDoggos: Get the Party Started. Written by Scout Underhill. Art by Scout Underhill. Color by Liana Sposto. 2024. Feiwel & Friends, $14.99 (9781250834348).
This tale follows the adventures of four Dungeons and Dragons lovin' doggies as they play a new campaign, led by their friend Tonka, and have to figure out how they respond to the new challenges that arise for their group.

Dog Trouble. Written by Kristin Varner. Art by Kristin Varner. Edited by Robyn Chapman and Michael Moccio. Cover and book design by Yan L. May and Molly Johanson. Veterinary consultation by Dr. Catherine Parks. 2024. First Second, $14.99 (9781250225917).
Ash's Mom sends him to live with his Dad on Ferncliff Island. Ash hates going to the boring island where he doesn't have friends and doesn't feel like he belongs. He chooses to work at the animal shelter and learns to love it so that he does not mind living on the island.

Eowulf: Of Monsters & Middle School. Written by Mike Cavallaro. Art by Mike Cavallaro. Color by Irene Yeom. 2024. First Second, $24.99 (9781250846440).
Eowulf Wegmund, descendant of the famous monster hunter Beowulf, is an aspiring warrior. Her life in New Jersey is boring until she befriends the weird kid Amadeus Hornburg. As a supervillain and monsters attack her town, Eowulf and Amadeus unearth long-held secrets and work together to save their friends and families.

Katie the Catsitter 4: The Purrfect Plan. Written by Colleen AF Venable. Illustrated by Stephanie Yue. 2024. Penguin Random House, $21.99 (9780593570371).
When the mayor reinstates programs that hurt animals and begins an intrusive building project, Katie and her friends must step in to help the city and its animals. With lots of subplots on friendship, family, and the real work of changing the world, this book provides depth and entertainment. Cats!

Poetry Comics. Written by Grant Snider. Art by Grant Snider. 2024. Chronicle Books, $18.99 (9781797219653).
Poems are grouped into seasonal themes and illustrated in the graphic novel format.

Punycorn. Written by Andi Watson. Art by Andi Watson. 2023. Clarion Books, $15.99 (9780358571995).
When the Chosen Ones go off on a secret mission, Punycorn is left alone to defend Carbuncle, a land of rainbows and cupcakes. Punycorn must face Sir Ogre with his ragtag Kinship with a sneezing dragon, a magical sword found in a landfill, and a Dung Elemental.

The Unlucky Kid. Written by Bob Holt. Art by Bob Holt. 2024. Kids Can Press, $14.99 (9781525306594).
This graphic novel chapter book tells three stories of a very unlucky kid whose big plans always end in unlucky mishaps.

Tween (ages 10-13)

Fake Chinese Sounds. Written by Jing Jing Tsong. Art by Jing Jing Tsong. 2024. Kokila, $23.99 (9780525553427).
When fifth-grader Mĕi Yīng becomes a target of racist bullying, she must find the courage to stand up for herself.


Middle Grade (ages 7-11)

Uprooted: A Memoir About What Happens When Your Family Moves Back. Written by Ruth Chan. Art by Ruth Chan. 2024. Roaring Brook Press, $14.99 (9781250855343).
Ruth Chan's Toronto life is disrupted when her family moves to Hong Kong for her dad's job. Struggling with loneliness and cultural differences, she finds solace in family stories, learning to embrace change and discovering that home is where the heart finds strength.



Picture Books (ages 3-8)

Blue, Barry & Pancakes: Mayhem on Wheels. Written by Daniel Abdo and Jason Patterson. 2024. First Second, $12.99 (9781250829351).
Blue, Barry, and Pancakes ride a flood out of their house and roller-skate after a beachball, only to find themselves in a Roller Duck Ball rink. After a winning streak, the rival team shows up with giant robot replacements, and the three friends have to do some serious teamwork.

Easy Readers (ages 5-9)

The Adventures of Penguin and Panda. Written by Brenda Maier. Illustrated by Fanni Mézes.

  • Surprise! Vol. 1. 2024. Marble Press, $9.99 (9781958325056).
    Penguin and Panda are very different, but they are best friends.
  • Fun and Games! Vol. 2. 2024. Marble Press, $9.99 (9781958325070).
    Penguin and Panda learn it's easy to get over-excited and sharing is cool.

Pretty Ugly. Written by David Sedaris. Art by Ian Falconer. 2024. Toon Books, $18.99 (9781662665271).
In this humorous and gruesome tale, a young monster transforms into the most hideous creature of all...a human girl! Can she be restored to her former glory?

Middle Grade (ages 7-11)

Amber Brown is Not a Crayon: The Graphic Novel. Written by Paula Danziger. Illustrated by Victoria Ying. 2024. G.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers, $19.99 (9780593615690).
Third grader Amber Brown must deal with her best friend moving away.

Continental Drifter. Written by Kathy MacLeod. Art by Kathy MacLeod. 2024. First Second, $22.99 (9781250813732).
Kathy lives with her family in Bangkok, Thailand, but she counts down the days every year until she can spend the summer with her American father's family in Maine.

Lost Time. Written by Tas Mukanik. Art by Tas Mukanik. Inked by Winter Jay Kiakas. Edited by Chris Hernandez. Design by Danielle Ceccolini. 2023. Razorbill, $22.99 (9780593327036).
Evie is lost 65 million years in the past. She makes friends with Ada, a pterosaur, and learns to survive. Can she figure out how to fix the broken technology that can send her back home to her family?

Plain Jane and the Mermaid. Written by Vera Brosgol. Art by Vera Brosgol. 2024. First Second, $22.99 (9781250314864).
When her parents die, Jane is evicted from her home. The only way to avoid homelessness is by getting married. Jane hopes a young man named Peter will be her salvation. But when Peter is kidnapped by a mermaid, Jane must journey underwater to save his life...and her own.

Rise of the Shadowfire (City of Dragons #2). Written by Jaimal Yogis. Illustrated by Vivian Truong. Edited by Emily Nguyen. 2023. Graphix, $24.99 (9781338660463).
Grace and her friends are recovering from their encounter with the evil ancient warlord Daijiang when Grace's friend Nate (a water dragon) joins them. Grace and her friends must fight against Daijiang's fierce dragon, Shadowfire, as they travel the world to stop Daijiang.

Saving H'Non: Chang and the Elephant. Written by Trang Nguyễn. Illustrated by Jeet Zdũng, Phuong An, Hoang Long, and Ngoc Hoan. Color by Nguyet Han. Translated by Hoang Duy. Designed by Lihn Phan. Edited by Lisa Edwards and Rose Ahmed. 2023. Dial Books for Young Readers, $23.99 (9780593406731).
Baseball has defined Elena's identity. When another season ends, she has no true friends to hang out with for the summer. After her brother invites her to play with his friends, she finds more to life than baseball - if only if she can rediscover her ability to imagine.

Kingdom Riders. Written by Shannon Eric Denton. Illustrated by Marcus To. Color by Luis Antonio Delgado. Letters by Andworld Design. Edited by Dave Wielgosz and Jake Williams. 2024. IDW Publishing, $12.99 (9781684059782).
Kayla is a peasant who loves to ride her mudd toad, Grok, through dangerous adventures. When her best friend Mal gets into trouble, Kayla must race with Grok and win Mal's freedom. By winning this race, she gains attention and is asked to enter the Kingdom Races.

Next Stop. Written by Debbie Fong. Art by Debbie Fong. 2024. RH Graphic, $21.99 (9780593425206).
Pia, grieving and seeking solace, embarks on a desert bus tour with quirky companions, yearning for a miracle at a legendary underground lake. They explore odd attractions, and sepia-toned flashbacks unveil Pia's guilt over her brother's drowning. Through newfound friendship and shared journeys, Pia discovers redemption at the magical lake.

Rose Wolves (Book 1). Written by Natalie Warner. Art by Natalie Warner. 2023. Top Shelf Production, $14.99 (9781603095310).
A girl with one and a half arms gets lost in the woods and plucks a rose off a bush. Overnight, a wolf with three legs and a rose tail emerges. She takes the wolf back home and visits him on full moon nights.

Summer Vamp: (A Graphic Novel). Written by Violet Chan Karim. Art by Violet Chan Karim. 2024. Random House Graphic, $21.99 (9780593425237).
Maya is excited about going to culinary camp for the summer. But after mistakenly getting on the wrong bus, she ends up at a camp for vampires. Now she has to figure out how to escape before they find out she's a human.

Tiffany's Griffon. Written by Maddi Gonzalez and Magnolia Porter Porter Siddell. Art by Maddi Gonzalez and Magnolia Porter Porter Siddell. 2024. First Second, $30.99 (9781250757814).
Marnie is a superfan of the Griffon Rider book series. When a fairy bearing a griffon egg appears, she learns that the stories are real. Unfortunately, the egg's not for her! The true chosen one is the popular girl Tiffany. Feeling betrayed, Marnie does everything she can to seize Tiffany's destiny.

Wildful. Written by Kengo Kurimoto. Art by Kengo Kurimoto. 2024. Groundwood Books, $21.99 (9781773068626).
After meeting a new friend, a grieving young girl finds solace in the mysterious beauty of nature.

A Witch's Guide to Burning. Written by Aminder Dhaliwal. Art by Aminder Dhaliwal. 2024. Drawn and Quarterly, $27.95 (9781770466999).
After being subjected to a cruel ritual, a young witch awakens stripped of both magic and memory. Adopting the name "Singe," she embarks on a journey of recovery. Joining her on her quest is the witch doctor Yew-Veda, and Bufo Wonder, a shapeshifter trapped in a frog's body.


Tween (ages 10-13)

History Comics: Hip-Hop: The Beat of America. Written by Jarrett Williams. Art by Jarrett Williams. Color by Joey Weiser. 2024. First Second, $21.99 (9781250795762).
This book explores the societal, cultural, and economic forces that led to the rise of hip-hop music as well as its long-lasting impacts on the world at large.

Science Comics: Elephants: Living Large. Written by Jason Viola. Art by Falynn Koch. 2024. First Second, $21.99 (9781250265913).
Readers learn about the lives and experiences of elephants through the eyes of a calf named Duni and her family.