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With your generous support, we advocate on behalf of libraries and library users, promote literacy and community outreach programs, and provide scholarships to students preparing to enter the library profession.
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Why Give to ALA?

Donate to the American Library Association to strengthen libraries nationwide. Your contribution supports new librarian development, cultural programming, advocacy efforts, and more. Join thousands in advocating for literacy, community outreach, and education.

Now, more than ever, your support matters.

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Give to ALA

Ways to Give

Give ALA - Access to Information for All

When you make a gift to the American Library Association, you help give a voice to libraries and library workers across the country. Your donation may be designated toward a specific ALA mission, or undesignated to give ALA the flexibility to use funds as needed.

Designated donations are applied to the specific area for which the donation is made. Designated donations have been used to support the Campaign for America’s Libraries, the Cultural Communities Fund, and the Spectrum Scholarship Program, as well as creating a named scholarship or a named endowment fund. See the links at right or visit our Projects page to learn more about designating your donation toward a specific mission!

Unrestricted gifts (ALA's "21st Century Fund") have been used for helping ALA defend First Amendment rights, empowering rebuilding efforts for libraries in the Gulf Coast in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, and providing scholarships through ALA’s general scholarship fund. To give to the General Fund, go to our secure donation site and choose "21st Century Fund."

The American Library Association is exempt from federal income taxes under Section 501(C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, therefore your gift is tax-deductible to the full extent provided by law. ALA is a nonprofit charity operating since 1876. Our federal tax identification number is 36-2166947.

Library Champions

Corporate Support
Each year, hundreds of companies partner with ALA. We can offer your company several opportunities:

  • Enhance your company's profile through a partnership with the nation's oldest and largest library association, supported by number of internationally known celebrities and high profile spokespersons.
  • ALA has a dedicated media relations team which works with our corporate partners to maximize the PR benefits of their partnership.

Library Champions contribute annually to ALA’s Libraries Transform Campaign, a nationwide strategic communications effort about the value and benefits of libraries.

Foundation Support
Government grants and contributions from private, family, and corporate foundations are important sources of support for ALA. To learn more about how your foundation can help support the work of ALA and its many divisions and offices, please contact the ALA Development Office at or telephone at 312.280.3259.

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With your planned gift, the American Library Association can help foster opportunities to learn, grow, adapt, enjoy, exercise our freedoms, and enhance our quality of life—and protect those same opportunities for generations that follow.

With a planned gift, you can:

  • Support ALA's planning for the future and pursuing excellence for future generations.
  • Champion the development of programs and activities for all types of libraries.
  • Enhance the work of the Association overall, or support your favorite division, round table, or program.
  • Uphold advocacy efforts for libraries and increase awareness for the value and services they provide.
  • Create or support awards and scholarships that promote and advance the librarian profession.
  • Make a larger charitable gift than you though possible while taking care of the financial needs of your family.
  • Leave a lasting legacy to the librarian profession without giving up assets now.
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Donate to ALA and help close the digital divide

33 million households in the U.S. do not have internet access.

The American Library Association is firmly committed to making libraries equal and just spaces for all people. Closing the digital divide is a crucial part of that.

The American Library Association:

  • + provides grants to support digital access across the nation;
  • + advocates for the E-rate, which ensures that libraries and schools have access to high‐speed broadband connectivity;
  • + works to support net neutrality and secure equitable access to the internet for all.

Planned Giving Stories

I am contributing to the ALA scholarship fund to assist students who want to be librarians. When I served on an ALA scholarship jury several years ago, I was amazed by the number of worthy applicants and the fact that the jury could only award five ...

After spending nearly four decades volunteering time and ideas to ACRL and ALA I suddenly thought about expanding my gifts to include money. I asked myself, “Why am I not considering ACRL one of my favorite charities?”

ALA's planned giving program gives me a way to say thanks, and to support the programs I believe are vitally important to the future of libraries. I'm proud to have ALA in my will, and proud to direct my contribution to the Cultural Communities Fund.

My planned gift to the American Library Association is a way for me express my gratitude to an organization which has long been an advocate for intellectual freedom, equal rights, and the availability of reading and other learning materials to all.

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