2019 Symposium on the Future of Libraries

January 25 - 29, 2019 – Seattle, Washington

Provided below is a linked list to 2019 Symposium on the Future of Libraries sessions with FREE access to slides and audio. A special thank you to session presenters for granting permission for the recording and sharing of their sessions.

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The Academic Library in an Open Access World: Threats and Opportunities

Rick Anderson

Algorithms, Implicit Bias, and Search Literacy: Exploring Beliefs Among Computer Science Students About Search Engine and Machine Learning Models

Shalini Ramachandran, Steven Cutchin, Sheree Fu, & Karen Howell

Breaking Down the Barriers to Advocacy for School Libraries

Deborah Rinio, Ann Ewbank, & Jenna Nemec-Loise

Bridging the Digital and Physical: Increasing Engagement with Unique Collections Through Digital Tools

Alix Norton, Ann Hubble, & Kristy Golubiewski-Davis

Build Awareness, Drive Engagement, Measure Impact: A Hands-on Workshop to Improve Your Library’s Community Engagement Strategy

Jackie Flavin & Kayla Fargo

Building a Future-ready Workforce: How Public Libraries Can Create Resilient and Entrepreneurial Communities

Audrey Barbakoff & Jay Lyman

Checking Out YouTube: Using Online Video as a Library Outreach Tool

Peter Musser & Colleen Thiessen

Community, Equity, and Storytimes

CiKeithia Pugh & Betha Gutsche

Community Webs: Empowering Public Librarians to Create Community History Web Archives

Maria Praetzellis, Julie Tabberer, & Dylan Gaffney

Creating a Healthy Marketplace With FOLIO

Peter McCracken & Sebastian Hammer

Designing Future Library Leaders: Incorporating Design Thinking, Methods and Principles into Master’s Level Library Education

Rachel Ivy Clarke

Digital Discovery and Architectural Interface Design: Prototyping Architectural-scale Interfaces for Discovery Across Digital and Tangible Collections

Marie S.A. Sorensen, AIA

Efficient, Paperless, Private - Streamlining Holds Processing for Current Needs

Katie DuPraw, Mika Kristian Passila, & Cody Flood

Estelita’s Library - A Space for Social Justice

Edwin Lindo

Global Citizenship Education: Making Libraries Innovative for Learners of All Ages

Michelle Carton

Increasing Diversity and Inclusion in Computational Thinking: An Equity Issue for Libraries

Caitlin K. Martin

Leadership for the Future of Libraries

Harry Bruce, Susan Hildreth, Brian Bannon, Lisa Rosenblum, Marcellus Turner, Cindy Aden, & Rolf Hapel

Learning from Each Other: Intergenerational Learning with Storytelling and STEM

Ashley Braun, Amy Twito, & Carrie Tzou

Libraries in the Subscription Economy

Karen Keefe

Libraries Transform - Civic Innovation

Lesley Bain & Amie Thao

Libraries Transform - Education Innovation

Betheny Gross & Rolin Moe

Libraries Transform - Social Innovation

Arnold Phommavong & Sarah Studer

Machine Learning: How Does It Work?!

Andromeda Yelton

Making the Connection: Early Literacy and Computational Thinking for Young Children

Claudia Haines & Paula Langsam

Meeting Patrons Where They Are: The Library’s New Place in the Digital World

Kathryn Harnish

Misinformation and its Malcontents: University of Washington Research and Implications for Libraries

Emma Spiro, Jevin West, & Chris Coward

Modernized Collaborations: Technologies Affecting Librarian Research Connections

Ngoc-Yen Tran & Emily Chan

A Native Perspective on Trauma: Bridging Past, Present, and Possibilities

Wendy Peters

Optimizing the Library Foundation's Impact

Elizabeth Castleberry, Lisa Rosenblum, & Nicole Partridge

Public Libraries as Partners in Healthy Communities

Bobbi Newman & Carolyn Martin

Pushing on the Frontier: Disability Access and the Future of Libraries

Kate Deibel

Racial Equity: Libraries Organizing to Transform Institutions

Amita Lonial, Gordon Goodwin, & Sarah Lawton

Re-Imagining the Public Library

Sara Rothholz Weiner, Anthony Harris, & Allison Marshall

Return to the Real: The Library as Social Connector

Betha Gutsche & Jennifer Peterson

The Role of Libraries in Addressing Homelessness and Poverty

Julie Winkelstein, Hilary Jasmin, Jessica Ball, & Tina Reid

Speculative Design: Design and Strategy

John Jung

What Does Your Community Want? Using Google Search Data for Strategic Planning

Peter Velikonja

Where Journals and Journalism Collide: Does a Future for Libraries Lie in News Creation, Aggregation, and Dissemination?

Kenn Bicknell

XR (Augmented, Virtual and Mixer Reality) Programming in Libraries: Integrating Immersive Media into Library Collections

John MacLeod, Cindy Aden, Joe Olayvar, Negin Dahya, Tammy Westergard, Sara Jones, Jessica Hughes, Cindy Ball, & Mark Andersen