2017 Symposium on the Future of Libraries

January 20 - 24, 2017 Atlanta, Georgia

Provided below is a linked list to 2017 Symposium on the Future of Libraries sessions with FREE access to slides and audio. A special thank you to session presenters for granting permission for the recording and sharing of their sessions.

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Visit the 2017 Midwinter Meeting site for the complete schedule of Symposium Sessions.

Bridging the Digital Divide with Open eBooks

Michelle Bickert, James English, Michael Bills, Liz Allen, & Trevor Owens

Building Civic Engagement with a Civic Lab

Amy Koester & Amita Lonial

Building Community, Leading Change: Libraries Transforming Communities

Erica Freudenberger, Mary Fournier, Nancy Kranich, & Ken Stewart

Building the Future: Public Library Directors and Their Trustees Making Future Policy Decisions Together!

Susan Schmidt, Sally Reed, Fred Stielow, & Peter Pearson

Collaborating on Libraries’ Digital Futures: A Conversation with New York Public Library's Dr. Anthony Marx

Anthony Marx

Collude! Resist! Collaborate! ebook Strategies for the Modern Revolutionary

Veronda Pitchford, Paula MacKinnon, Stephen Spohn, Jr., & Mitchell Davis

Crafting Successful Youth Civic Engagement in Information Spaces

Chaebong Nam

Enhancing Public Library Programs Through a Family Engagement Framework

Margaret Caspe Klein, PhD, Christine Hage, Maren Ostergard, Jo Giudice, & Judy Nelson

The Future of Innovation: How Libraries Support Entrepreneurs

Ilana Stonebraker, Joe Collier, Heather Howard, & Saira Raza

The Future of Librarian Labor

Emily Drabinski & Eamon Tewell

Going Fully Mobile: Eliminate the Desk, Eliminate Barriers, Improve Service

Gregory Edwards & Kimber Fender

Immersive and Interactive: Virtual Reality In a Contextually-rich Learning Environment

D. Matthew Boyer & Stephen Moysey

Knowledge Discovery: The Next Generation

Ruth Pickering, Michael Keller, Chris Bourg, & Cheryl McGrath