FMRT Committees & Discussion Groups



  • Annual Program Committee: The FMRT Programming Committee brainstorms ideas and develops a program or programs for the ALA annual and mid-year conferences. The committee may also create webinars, workshops or podcasts throughout the year on film and media topics and issues. Programs often feature speakers whose knowledge, expertise and skills could be of interest to our members. FMRT discussion groups are also under the Programming Committee umbrella. The Programming Committee includes a chair (or co-chairs) who oversees committee activities, conducts committee meetings and reports to the FMRT Executive Board. The Programming Committee chair is appointed by the FMRT chair.
  • Bylaws Committee: The Bylaws Committee oversees the currency of the bylaws at the direction of the FMRT Executive Committee. It consists of at least two members, including a past FMRT Chair or Executive Committee member. The committee evaluates the Bylaws, seeks feedback on proposed changes, presents Bylaws amendments for discussion at the FMRT Board meetings, and oversees membership voting on Bylaws changes.
  • Communication Committee: The Communications Committee maintains the social media pages for promoting FMRT events and supporting community engagement. The committee is looking for volunteers with an interest in graphic design, TikTok, or social media marketing in general.
  • Gala Program Committee: The Gala Committee plans and prepares a biennial gala for the Film and Media Roundtable, at the designated city for the ALA Meeting, every second year. Committee members are responsible to work collaboratively to arrange a venue, caterer, and sponsorships for the biennial FMRT Gala. Of greatest interest are committee members who have the ability, or live in the selected city and can serve as location scouts. That most recent Gala, Washington, DC 2019 was a smashing success, and we look forward to reprising the effort when the ALA returns to The Deece in 2022. Volunteers both local and afar are always appreciated.
  • Membership Committee: Responsible for promoting membership in the Film and Media Round Table and for outreach activities with other professional organizations. Has conducted user surveys and organized the FMRT booth at ALA Annual Conference.
  • Notable Films for Adults Award Committee: Screens nominations and selects the list of "Notable Films for Adults," which occurs in late January each year.
  • Scholarship Committee

Discussion Groups

  • Digital Media Discussion Group: The Digital Media Discussion Group serves as a forum for the exchange of ideas about initiatives and projects concerning digital media in libraries. Examples of issues discussed in the past meetings include digital licensing concerns; new market technologies (such as high definition DVD formats),video gaming and collections; and multimedia production in libraries.
  • Multimedia Production Discussion Group: The purpose of this discussion group is to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and discussion on the operation, design, management or development of the computers, software, and equipment needed for multimedia

    production services for library users.

ALA Liaison (non-voting member):

Danielle M. Ponton

American Library Association

225 N. Michigan Ave

Chicago, IL 60601

312.280.3213 or 800.545.2433 ext. 3213

Liaisons to other groups:

FMRT has formal and informal relationships both with outside organizations and other groups within ALA. See the ALA Policy Manual for more information (A.10.4.1, A.10.4.2)

Formal Relationships

International Federation of Library Associations Audiovisual and Multimedia Section: Deborah Benrubi (2015-2019), Monique Threatt (2017-2020)

Past Informal Relationships With Other Organizations

Association of Moving Image Archivists: Chris Lewis (2013-2015)

Consortium of College and University Media Center: Carleton Jackson (2013-2015)

National Media Market: Carleton Jackson (2013-2015)