Board Meeting, Monday, November 22nd, 1:00-2:30

Notetaker: Vicky Crone

Participants: Angelique Simmons, Vicky Crone, Karl Debus Lopez, Jane Killian

1. Volunteer to take minutes - Vicky

2. Treasurer's Report – Jane

Through 9/30, $435.07 balance from 2010. Some fees are still trickling in. Expect donations and dues of approximately $14,000 for 2011. This is approximately what we expect to spend this year, so all expenditures need to be approved by the Board to avoid overexpending. Need to provide as much of our own equipment as possible because there are fees for this at ALA. Karl will attempt to cancel the AV request for ALA Midwinter and Annual to avoid fees. Need a Program Chair to coordinate this (currently vacant)

3. Appointment to IFLA Government Libraries Section

Received a request to re-appoint Beacher Wiggins to the Federal Libraries section. Karl needs to recuse himself since Beacher is his supervisor. Is there anyone else who is interested and also funded to go? We decided that it would be fine to reappoint Beacher. Karl will remind Beacher to report back to him on IFLA related activities.

4. ASCLA Webinar Series

Nancy shared the link and Karl sent out a follow-up so this issue is handled.

The speaker fees coming from FAFLRT (Helen, Nancy) will be paid as a donation to FAFLRT.

5. Selected Committee Updates

Membership committee – Erica is establishing this. No report

By Laws Committee – Vicky, Fran and Richard(?) will serve on subcommittee to review the bylaws, and will report back to the Board.

Nominating Committee -- Karl (if anything from Helen) – Helen has names for the vacant positions; will report proposed candidates to Karl next week.

Programs Committee – needs Chair. Midwinter only has Careers in Federal Libraries Preconference and the Membership Meeting; most of the programs are for ALA Annual . Karl will invite Marla Chesler to consider this. Angelique will serve as co-chair.

6. FAFLRT Web Update

Discussing publishing Federal Librarian as a single page rather than separate pages. Need to ensure that the ads are retained. Need to keep the PDF format, but should be able to put all the text into one HTML document. This is necessary for members who may not be able to access PDF documents. Angelique will get back to Alba and Mike on this decision.

Alba is working on the Web Update, determining which pages are active, which need updating, etc.

7. Preparations for ALA Midwinter

Sally Boskin is willing to take minutes at the Midwinter meeting since the Secretary position is vacant.

Careers in Federal Libraries (Friday 9:00-3:00)

Any word on donations? (Richard not present to report)

Membership Meeting (Sunday 10:30-noon)

VHP (30 min)

Spectrum Presidential Initiative (15 min)

Discussion on membership, outreach, and communications :which mechanisms are useful? (30 min)

other topics? - none

8. Preparations for ALA Summer (confirmed)

Careers in Federal Libraries -- Nancy Faget

Grooming Staff within the Federal Workplace -- Helen Sherman – need to follow up

Armed Forces Librarianship Today -- Erica/Lucille (written report from Lucille to be sent later)

Grey Literature in the Digital Age -- Richard

Invite program coordinators to the next board meeting to discuss their programs.

9. Other possible programs

Web 2.0 in Federal Libraries – would need a coordinator and participants from libraries that are using Web 2.0. Put on hold and consider for next year.

Putting the "I" Back in DIME - the librarian’s role in military education. How has it changed in the digital age?

There is a lot of buzz about “putting the I back in DIME*.” What does this mean for information literacy education?

* DIME is a military acronym for diplomatic, information, military, and economic. These are the elements of national power. Decided that Karl will suggest to the presenter that she give her presentation at the Military Librarians Conference.

Camp HALT/MilHealth's Directory – This could be a brief presentation to the Membership rather than a stand-alone program. It’s for a very limited audience.

Suggest Nancy speak with Jessica to try to incorporate her program idea “How I landed my first library job” into the Careers in Federal Libraries program. It’s not enough of a program to stand alone.

10. Scheduling December meeting with committee chairs present – Karl will offer Dec 13th and 20th to see how many board members could participate.