A Few Words About the Ethnic and Multicultural Information Exchange Round Table (EMIERT)

Our Purpose

To serve as a source of information on recommended ethnic collections, services, and programs.
To organize task forces, institutes, and workshops to carry out the functions of the Round Table as defined in the petition.
To develop for Annual conferences forums and symposia programs that deal with the key issues of ethnicity and librarianship.
To maintain a liaison with the Office of Library Outreach Services and cooperate with other ALA units, including the caucuses in joint projects for the betterment of outreach services.
To disseminate the work of the Round Table through a program of publications. There is an urgent need for an effective exchange of information in the Ethnic area in the form of a Newsletter to be financed by the nominal dues for the Round Table, e.g., $15.00.

Our Rationale

This Round Table renders service to ALA members both in terms of multiethnic materials, and programs. It is vital to our profession as librarians, who, in serving the total community, work with people from many ethnic groups.


EMIERT's Founding

The Ethnic Materials Information Exchange Task Force (EMIE) of the Social Responsibilities Round Table (SRRT) was elevated to the status of Round Table at the American Library Association annual conference held in Philadelphia in 1982. The decision by the Committee on Organization (COO) was regarded by EMIE members attending ALA-Philadelphia as a step towards upgrading future EMIE programs in cooperation with other agencies interested in library work, with and for the benefit of ethnic groups all over the country. The petition to COO had been presented by David Cohen, past EMIE coordinator, and was supported by the Council Committee on Minority Concerns and the Advisory Committee to the Office of Library Outreach Services. Approval by ALA Council came in January 1983.
At the Annual Meeting held in Washington, D.C., on June 29, 1998, EMIE changed its name to Ethnic and Multicultural Information Exchange Round Table (EMIERT) to reflect the more encompassing tasks now undertaken by this Round Table.

Precursors of EMIERT

The American Association of School Librarians (ASSL) organized an Ad Hoc Committee on Treatment of Minorities in Library Materials with David Cohen as the Coordinator (Chair) for the years 1967-1972.

Ethnic Materials Information Exchange Task Force of the Social Responsibilities Round Table (SRRT) founded with co-coordinators David Cohen and the Clearinghouse for Reference and Acquisition Information on Minorities (SRRT).