Mentoring Opportunities

Mentoring benefits both the new librarian and the experienced professional as each learns from the insights and perspectives of the other.  This page presents information and resources to help you learn more about these transformative experiences.

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ALA Mentoring Programs

Divisions, Sections and Round Tables all run mentoring programs. Learn how you can be involved!

ACRL Dr. E. J. Josey Mentoring Program for Spectrum Scholars links participating library school students and newly graduated librarians, who are of American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian, Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino or Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander descent, with established academic librarians.

ACRL College Library Directors Mentor Program matches a first-year college library director with an experienced college library director.

ACRL Instruction Section Mentoring Program contributes to the professional development of academic librarians interested in information literacy instruction and improving their teaching skills by pairing librarians experienced in teaching with librarians new to instruction or to the Instruction Section.

ALCTS Mentoring Program facilitates and encourages professional development of ALCTS members at any stage in their career and in any of the areas related to our work. The ALCTS Mentoring Program aims to develop strong leadership in areas of librarianship covered by ALCTS; support members in developing their professional skills; cultivate leadership and involvement in ALCTS; provide networking opportunities, and expand members’ professional learning circles.

ALSC Mentoring Program seeks to match individuals with an interest in library service to children together. A one-year program, participants have the opportunity to apply twice a year (once in the summer, once in the fall). This program is administered by the ALSC Membership Committee and the Managing Children's Services Committee. 

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Round Table Buddy Program pairs an active member of the round table with a new or perspective GLBTRT member, as well as any member becoming active for the first time or after a long absence.

LLAMA Mentoring Program pairs librarians who are currently in leadership positions with librarians who are interested in becoming leaders. 

New Members Round Table program pairs a more experienced NMRT member with a new ALA member with less than five years experience as a librarian.

STS Sci/Tech Library Mentors relationship is typically developed between someone who is new to the profession and a more experienced professional. However, mentoring relationships can involve someone who has been in the field for awhile, but is changing career paths or someone who is just looking for support and direction.

YALSA’s virtual mentoring program pairs an experienced librarian with a new librarian or graduate student in a Library Science program.

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Discussion Groups

 Discussion Groups includes committees, connect groups, and any collection of ALA members whose primary foci are mentoring relationships and programs.

IRRT International Librarians' Orientation/Mentoring Committee organizes the orientation for international visitors at annual conference and works closely with the ALA International Relations Office to develop a mentoring program for annual conference.

LLAMA Mentoring Committee  plans, implements, and oversees an ongoing LLAMA mentoring program.

Association of Library Collections and Technical Services  Recruitment & Mentoring Committee (Cataloging & Metadata Management Section)

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Affiliate Mentoring Programs

Many library associations affiliated with ALA also offer mentorship programs.

Asian Pacific American Librarians Association(APALA) Mentoring Program

Black Caucus of ALA

Medical Library Association Mentoring Program

Middle East Librarians’ Association Mentoring Program

Music Library Association Mentoring Resources

The National Association to Promote Library and Information Services to Latinos and the Spanish-Speaking(REFORMA) Mentoring Program

Society of American Archivists Mentoring Program

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