The Louise Giles Minority Scholarship Recipient


Wayne Crocker's Journey......

When I was a junior in high school, I started working part-time at the Petersburg Public Library. I never thought would ever be a librarian. I just wanted a part-time job. Later, while attending college as a business administration major, the library director approached me about going to library school. At first, I dismissed her approaches. On the third approach, she told me about the Louise Giles Minority Scholarship from the American Library Association. To avoid the fourth approach, I applied and was subsequently awarded the Scholarship. In 1980, I became the successor to the library director who encouraged me to go to library school and today I am still the director. I absolutely love what I do!

The Louise Giles Minority Scholarship helped me to discover my true passion and maybe even my true purpose. Most of all, it helped me to help others find their true passion and purpose as well. This Scholarship was a life changing blessing and I will be forever grateful.