Young Adult Librarian

A young adult librarian caters to the needs of the teen population, ages 12 to 18.

Besides answering questions of library patrons, YA librarians contribute to many other areas of the library. Often, they are asked to provide computer and technology assistance or help patrons with homework. They select materials for the library’s collection, such as books, audiobooks, games, CDs, and the like. From these materials, they regularly give booktalks as a means of helping teens know what new and interesting materials are available. In addition, YA librarians are in charge of planning activities for teens at the library, which can include both educational and recreational events, such as a summer reading programs and gaming tournaments.

Young adult librarians work with a high-energy crowd and need to be energetic and engaging, too!

Creativity, enthusiasm for working with teens and strong problem solving skills are critical for librarians who work in this field. YA librarians are in touch with current popular culture and are outgoing, always ready to interact with patrons and provide them with what they need. Successful YA librarians are passionate about helping teens gain the skills they need to be successful in their personal and academic pursuits. They have a love of learning and are comfortable working with both print and electronic resources.

 What are some of the benefits of being a YA librarian?

  • Engagement with a lively community
  • Positive impact on teens’ lives
  • Working with a forward-looking population
  • Opportunity to foster lifelong learning
  • Chance to help teens access a wide range of resources, from homework help to job searching to reading for fun, and more

A librarian who serves teens helps young people discover themselves!

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“I enjoy working with young adults because often teens really need a caring adult to help them with their information needs, and we do that without any judgment. We should not underestimate the impact our libraries have on their lives.”

Nick Buron, Coordinator, Young Adult Services, Queens Borough Public Library Jamaica, NY


Librarians who enjoy working with youth may consider a career as a children's librarian, a school librarian, or a young adult librarian.

Read Finding Your Niche as a Youth Services Librarian, at, for a good overview of career options for librarians interested in working with youth.


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