Guide to Employment Sources in the Library and Information Professions

Revised February 2010



Wherever information needs to be organized and presented to patrons in an effective, efficient and service oriented manner, the skills of library workers can be applied. This means that as a library worker, you have a number of environments where you can find employment.  Educate yourself about options. Be imaginative. Above all, do not limit yourself.

 An effective job search can involve a considerable investment of time, energy, and creativity.  No one method or source for job-hunting should be used alone.  Use every available resource to expedite your search. 

A successful job search can include researching people and/or organizations, preparing cover letters and resumes, practicing for interviews,  networking, using online technologies, talking to career counselors, and interacting with groups via social media. Use your reference skills to ferret information from a variety of sources including directories and other tools regarding local industries, schools, subject collections, etc. Directories such as the American Library Directory, Subject Collections, Directory of Special Libraries and Information Centers, and Directory of Federal Libraries, as well as state directories or directories of other special subject areas can provide a wealth of information.

This Employment Guide can be a particularly useful resource in starting or futhering a job search.  It might also be a bit overwhelming because it includes so much information.  Don't let that deter you.  Start slow.  Take one section, or parts of a section, at a time.  Be diligent, and take action when you find something that might meet your needs. 

An effective job search can be a job in itself.  Treat it as such.  Be persistent and don't get discouraged.  Take advantage of every opportunity life presents.  Along the way, be sure to take care of yourself emotionally and physically.  It may take some time to find just the right position.  But it can be done.  Take initiative, and use every vehicle available to you until you find the job that is a perfect fit.  


Good Luck!