Where To Network

Where Do You Network?

By Dr. Malore I. Brown

  • Attend professional events

  • Attend social events

  • Attend seminars, lectures, conferences and conventions

  • Volunteer work

  • Contact your alumni association(s) – register for the association online network

  • Contact your alumni career placement office

If networking is not something that comes naturally to you or you just despise the process, begin with individuals that you know well. Networking is a vital process of the job search. You can build your confidence and networking skills with friends and close family members before branching out to your wider network.

Remember; when it comes to networking there is more to consider than simply who you know. You have to think about who you DON’T know. And then find a way to get to know those people.


Posted 3/2/11. Originally written for the American Library Association's Get A Job site, 2009.

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