10 Things to Know About Getting a Job in a Tough Economy

10 Things You Should Know About Getting a Job in a Tough Economy

By Dr. Malore I. Brown

  1. Maximize your network – let everyone know that you are looking for a job. This is called tapping into the hidden job market

  2. Know what to look for in an employer – do your research

  3. Know your skills set and values – what do you have to offer to an employer?

  4. Explore your transferrable skills – what can you do with that library degree?

  5. Looking for a job is a job – give the job search process your effort and time, stay active, own it, and take responsibility for moving it forward

  6. You will get frustrated, but if you stay focused, continue to find ways to look for work, and take some time away when you need to, you will prevail.

  7. Don’t rely solely on technology during your job search, move beyond the internet and talk to people

  8. Remember that professional development, conference attendance and continuing education can help you stay current in the field and enhance your network.

  9. Read, research and grow. Stay current in your field and build your base of knowledge.

  10. Your next job may not be in a library.


Posted 3/2/11. Originally written for the American Library Association's Get A Job site.

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