The Elevator Speech

How Do I Craft My Elevator Speech?
By Dr. Malore I. Brown

Elevator Speech or Commercial

The idea of an elevator speech is to develop a “sound bite.” Summarize in about twenty to thirty seconds who you are and the value you bring to the table. You are essentially selling your mission, key offerings and your unique competitive advantage.

Practice saying this “elevator speech” over and over until it literally rolls off your tongue. Say it in the mirror, to friends and family, into a recording device and listen to how you sound.

You will be delivering this speech to people you are networking with so you want to sound convincing and concise in your delivery.

Do’s and Don’ts of an Elevator Speech

Elevator Speech Example


My name is Mary Smith. I’ve been involved in the area of children’s services, literacy and the educational process for the past five years in the capacity of an elementary school teacher and a clerk in the children’s department of a bookstore. I strongly believe that children are our future and nurturing them is so rewarding to me. I am currently looking for a position in a children’s department of a public library. I would like to get some advice and council, or any suggestions of direction.



Posted 3/2/11. Originally written for the American Library Association's Get A Job site.

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