Emerging Leaders Roles and Responsibilities

There are a variety of roles that are important for the success of the Emerging Leaders program. Listed below are brief descriptions of each role along with explanations of what is expected of an individual in these roles.

Working Group Member

The general charge of the group is to:

  1. Design program content,
  2. Assess applicants, and
  3. Survey participants and program stakeholders.

The work is divided into small task forces.

  • There is usually a task force that works with the program facilitators to develop and facilitate program content.
  • There is usually a task force to do the selections of emerging leaders. The work of this group is intense for about 2-3 months (from Sept. – mid-Nov).
  • There is usually a task force to review survey results each year and if necessary, suggest program changes. Surveys go out at the end of each class year (usually in August). The task force will have October and November to review the results and bring recommendations to full group for discussion (usually at the Midwinter Meeting).
  • Other groups are assigned as needed.

Emerging Leader Sponsor

Provides financial support of at least $1,000 ($500 per conference) for each Emerging Leader chosen as your individual participant. Sponsors can be any unit of ALA, including Divisions, Round Tables, Chapters, Affiliates, or any Individual. Please note that ALA does not provide additional funds. Complete Intent to Sponsor form (online form).

Project Host

Submits a project to be worked on by an EL project Team. The unit will come up with a project topic and assign a staff liaison and member guide. In order for any entity to host a project, the group must have an ALA staff liaison and an ALA member guide.

Review the Project Proposal Submission Guidelines

Member Guide

Serves as a source of support. Acts as a resource person for the project team. Monitors the teams progress. Maintains regular communication with the designated liaison from the team. Attends a working session at the Midwinter Meeting in order to explain the goals of the project.

Project Team (EL Participants)

Ensures that the project meets the stated objectives. Decides how to communicate and carry out the work. Completes the project on time.

Team Member (EL Participants)

Makes a firm commitment to contribute his or her personal best. Ensures that his or her work satisfies the needs of the project and is completed on time.

ALA Staff Liaison

Ensures that the project has clear direction and support. Makes sure the project team understands the project requirements. Serves as the primary resource on content and ALA policy questions. Provides resources

Program Facilitators

Facilitates the face-to-face sessions at the Midwinter Meeting and the Annual Conference.

Project Manager

Beatrice Calvin

If you have questions, or need more information, contact Beatrice Calvin at 800/545-2433 ext. 4280.

The ALA Emerging Leaders program is managed by the ALA Office for Human Resource Development and Recruitment (HRDR).