Emerging Leaders Project Proposal Process

How it Works

Read the Guidelines

Begin the process by reviewing the submission guidelines.

View the Webinar

Member Guides and Staff Liaisons are encouraged to listen to the recorded webinar. It gives helpful information on how to work effectively with project teams. It should be viewed before you attend the face-to-face session at the Midwinter Meeting.

Project Proposals are submitted online . Deadline to submit is October 1st each year.

Any division, office, round table or affiliate of ALA may submit a project proposal.

The Emerging Leaders Working Group will evaluate all proposals to determine which ones will be selected for this year. Anyone who submits a project proposal will be notified about the decision by mid-October.

Criteria for a successful proposal include:

- the work can be accomplished within the six-month time frame of the program,

- the project will contribute to the development of the leadership capacities of the participants, and

- it will make a demonstrable impact on a strategic direction or goal of ALA or your unit.

Each Emerging Leader participant is given the project descriptions. They then rank order the projects that they most want to work on. Each participant is placed on a team based on his choices. We try to give each participant his first or second choice.

NOTE: If there are not at least three (3) people willing to work on any given project, it will not be assigned.

If selected, your project will be assigned to a team of approximately 5 Emerging Leaders who will be expected to accomplish the work between the ALA Midwinter and Annual conferences. If your unit has sponsored an Emerging Leader and your project proposal is accepted, that person may be assigned to your project.

For information on the Emerging Leaders program, contact Emerging Leaders program manager.

The ALA Emerging Leaders program is managed by the ALA Office for Human Resource Development and Recruitment (HRDR).