Governance Office

Here we will discuss ALA’s organizational structure and decision making process. It is important to have a basic grounding as to who is responsible for what, how decisions are made and how you as a member, member leader or as an interested party can provide valuable input in the development and direction of the organization.
Here we will discuss ALA’s budget cycle and process. Specifically, this webcast will cover how the budget is developed, the extensive amount of involvement by the stakeholders, the decision making process along the way, the timeline necessary to complete the process and an illustration of how each units goals/mission fits into the overall strategic plan of the Association.
As the members and member leaders with the financial responsibility in the Round Tables changes fairly regularly, it is important to have a good basic grounding as to some of the best practices used in preparing and monitoring a budget, as well as, how you fit into the overall ALA strategic plan. The following information should go a long way toward establishing and maintaining a strong budget.