Leadership & Management

As part of its ongoing work to support the public library’s role in creating healthy communities, PLA is offering new resources for libraries to help more Americans participate in the Open Enrollment period of the Affordable Care Act. The deadline to enroll is December 15, 2018. What is your library doing to help? This free on-demand webinar helps public library staff plan for how they can promote the deadlines, educate their communities, find certified enrollment assistance, and support patrons’ efforts to enroll successfully.

e-Forum: A two-day moderated email discussion.
Dates: November 9-10, 2021
Offered by Core: Leadership, Infrastructure, Futures, a division of the American Library Association (ALA).
Focus: This Core e-Forum provides a space for individuals to share the library workflows affected, the challenges that were presented, how individuals and libraries adapted to challenges and changes, and where we might see libraries going from here.
Cost: Free

Presenters will share their experiences working with faculty and e-learning instructional designers to find library-licensed and open content for use in LMS courses. Participants will learn about the LMS vendor market, common LMS tools, and options for including content within the platforms. Presenters will also introduce key concepts in copyright considerations related to different types of content, from library-licensed resources to OER.
This webinar will help participants manage their workflow effectively, understand the fundamentals of a personal knowledge management system, and explore the power of next action thinking to move projects forward. Participants will learn powerful methods for managing commitments, information and communication that are the gold standard for personal and organizational efficiency. Discover concrete solutions for transforming uncertainty into an integrated system of stress-free productivity.
This webinar will show you how to influence the emotional tone of your library not only by setting an example, but also by communicating directly with librarians and staff to create an environment conducive to the healthy exchange of ideas and open expression of feelings.
This webinar will highlight the system and methodology used by Northwestern University Library to understand its organizational culture and the specific impacts of a recent restructuring, and will show how it can be done on a smaller scale. It will also cover what was learned and how that has been applied to improve communication, build better teams, and develop a more supportive culture. This webinar addresses change management, one of LLAMA's Foundational Leadership Competencies.
This webinar emphasizes the importance of data gathering and analysis to assess your library building needs within the context of your community-based strategic plan. Learn how data can help you build trust within your organization, gain public buy-in, funding approval and ultimately the ideal design for your library building. This webinar addresses three of LLAMA's Foundational Leadership Competencies: evidence-based decision making, critical thinking, and project management.
Do you or someone you know, work with, or manage, have a persistent fear of being exposed as a fraud at work? It may be a case of imposter syndrome. This form of Intellectual self-doubt is a common psychological pattern in which people doubt their accomplishments and have an ongoing, often internalized fear of being found out. It can sometimes lead to difficulty excelling in in an area of interest, even with strong professional and personal support. The good news is there are simple things you can learn to do to tackle impostor syndrome.
This webinar will explore the meanings of community engagement, and will discuss what it takes to build productive relationships that are as valuable as the effort we put into them. We’ll discuss how to seek out strategic relationships that align with organizational priorities and provide a model to determine whether you are in the right relationships. This webinar addresses four of LLAMA's Foundational Leadership Competencies: Communication Skills, Collaboration and Partnerships, Leadership, and Management and Organization
This webinar provides multiple strategies for incorporating emotional intelligence into a library culture and describes the impacts, both positive and unintended, that this can have on the organization. This webinar addresses two of LLAMA's Foundational Leadership Competencies: emotional intelligence and team building.