Leadership & Management

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Whether you are new to an administrative position or you aspire to obtain one, this course will prepare you for the wide ranging privileges and responsibilities of top level leadership. How you lead people is key to your success. With structure supporting you and the goal of a successful team guiding you, you can master Organization and Personnel Administration. This course will help you do just that.
PLA's field-driven initiative, Project Outcome, is a FREE online toolkit offering an innovative and easy-to-use platform for public libraries to measure the impact of their programs and services. For the first time, public libraries have access to an aggregated set of outcome measurement data and analysis tools they can use to affect change within their communities and beyond. This on-demand webinar provides an overview of the toolkit and examples of how libraries have been able to benefit from using Project Outcome.
Is there a specific audience your organization is trying to reach? A partnership you’re hoping to form? A strategic goal you’re looking to fulfill? In this on-demand webinar, learn how libraries have used Outside the Lines: Libraries Reintroduced to achieve their organizational goals. Learn more about this global initiative while also gathering tips on how to set and communicate goals for your organization—internally and externally, build strong partnerships, and provide relevant and surprising experiences for your community that shift perceptions of libraries.
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This webinar is designed to provide library staff with the tools and skills needed to be able to help library customers who do not speak English. From no-tech to high-tech, it will provide library staff with multiple resource options for when a "language barrier" situation arises at the reference desk, customer service desk, or on the phone. You will gain confidence in your ability to successfully work through a "language barrier" situation and help the customer get to yes!
The first webinar in the Public Libraries: Partners in Workforce Development series introduces and showcases national workforce partners and local collaborative program examples. Panelists will answer the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY, and, most importantly, HOW to collaborate to improve library services and visibility—no matter your starting point—as well as enhance patron and community impacts. Hear from the director of the National Association of State Workforce Agencies and better understand their network and resources. Learn about local workforce ecosystems from the Urban Institute.

Live Webinar: Wednesday, Dec. 1 from 1:00pm - 2:00pm Central Time.
Offered by Core: Leadership, Infrastructure, Futures, ALA's newest division starting September 1, 2020
Focus: Three years ago, I was encouraged to lead a newly formed DEI Task Force in our merged Library & IT division. We were charged with building a diverse team, arranging professional development opportunities for our staff, and providing diverse and inclusive services and resources. We not only have accomplished much but have come to be seen as a campus trailblazer.

Every day community members who lack basic computer knowledge and skills access their local public libraries hoping to complete life tasks many of us take for granted. The Public Library Association (PLA) is proud to partner with AT&T to expand upon its work helping libraries and their communities close the digital divide through new and improved DigitalLearn.org courses and training materials.
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The systems of public library services have evolved with a constant mission to serve the public good but have demonstrated that equal access is not equitable for all. Embedding equity, diversity, and inclusion in library leadership development requires a multi-pronged approach that relies on building trust internally with library staff and externally with community assets.
This webinar will take participants through the project planning process and provide additional information on resources and tools to be successful.
Project management is gaining recognition in libraries as an important mechanism to deliver efficient and improved project results. In this e-Forum we will discuss challenges of managing projects, look at techniques and tools, and talk about implementing project management in technical and collection services.