Encyclopedia Evolution (Booklist Webcast on 11/16/2010)

Encyclopedias are the cornerstones of a library’s reference collection, but traditional encyclopedia publishing has been transformed over the past several years. Join Reference Books Bulletin editor Mary Ellen Quinn for an up-close look at how encyclopedias have changed. Joseph Janes, Associate Professor, The Information School, University of Washington, will discuss why encyclopedias exist, what they do, what they tell us, and how they’ve evolved. Representatives from Encyclopædia Britannica, Grolier, and World Book will also talk about and demonstrate their newest encyclopedia models. Since general encyclopedias range from the elementary to the scholarly, there’s something here for librarians from every type of library.

Who Should Attend

  • Reference librarians
  • Public librarians
  • Library managers


  • Joseph Janes, Associate Professor, The Information School, University of Washington
  • Michael Levy, Executive Editor, Britannica
  • Evan St. Lifer, Vice President, Scholastic Library Publishing
  • Sarah Bright, Director, Digital Products, World Book, Inc.


How to Register


Tech Requirements

Computer, Internet connection, web browser, speakers


Encyclopædia Britannica, Grolier, World Book