List of Support Staff Positions in Libraries

Below is a list of support staff positions found in libraries. The list is not exhaustive. It is intended to give you an idea about types of jobs you can have as support staff within libraries.

Associate Conservator

Assistant Archivist

Assistant Circulation Manager

Assistant Director

Assistant Director for Support Services

Automation Specialist

Catalog Maintenance Supervisor

Children's Services

Circulation Aide

Circulation Assistant

Circulation Manager


Computer Specialist

Department Supervisor

Gallery Manager

Head, Access Services

Head, Government Documents

Inter-Library Loan Specialist

Information Assistant

Information Specialist I

Information Specialist II

Information Technician

Junior Library Assistant

Library Aide

Library Assistant

Library Assistant I

Library Assistant II

Library Assistant III

Library Associate

Library Clerk

Library Information Specialist III

Library Page

Library Principal Associate

Library Specialist

Library Services Assistant

Library Supervisor

Library Technical Operations Specialist II

Library Technician

Manager, Information Accounting

Manager, Information Resources

Media Technical Services Supervisor

Mini-Branch Manager

Municipal Reference Coordinator

Personnel Administrator

Preservation Supervisor

Principal Library Assistant

Principal Library Specialist

Programmer ANALYST

Program Assistant

Reference Assistant


Senior Library Assistant

Senior Library Specialist


Stock Manager

Superving Library Assistant

Technical Services Assistant

Technical Library Assistant

Technical Services Coordinator

Technical Services Supervisor

Volunteer Service Coordinator