Connecting to the library community

There are an infinite number of ways to meet people who work in libraries in order to better understand how they obtained their job, their experience and education, and what they would suggest to you. The simplest approach is to find the library nearest you that somewhat matches the ultimate job you seek. You may even just use that approach as a starting point.

You can also locate library groups. They can provide valuable help, even though their purpose will likely be focused on a particular project area or association function. Below are several points to help you continue on your quest to come in contact with people who share your background and interests:


Start Here

Talk to staff in the American Library Association's Office of Human Resource Development and Recruitment or 1-800-545-2433, ext. 4280.

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Current students and/or recent MLS graduates

If you are a current MLS student or recent graduate with an MLS degree, you should consider getting involved in organizations designed for new professionals. Visit these links:


Types of communities served

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Cultural, ethnic, and special interests organizations


Types of jobs


Types of collections or services


Groups by geographic area


Educators and honor society

If you are interested in conducting research and teaching at the graduate level, consider a career as a professor in a library and information science program.


Discussion lists and blogs