I. Overview of ALA accreditation

I.1 The role of accreditation [pdf]

I.2 Accreditation terms used in this document [pdf]

I.3 The American Library Association’s Committee on Accreditation [pdf]

I.3.1 Scope of the Committee on Accreditation

I.3.2 External recognition of the ALA COA

I.4 The Committee on Accreditation’s structure and organization [pdf]

I.4.1 Terms of appointment

I.4.2 Conflict of interest policy

I.4.3 Voting by the COA

I.4.3 (a) Quorum

I.4.3 (b) Accreditation actions

I.4.3 (c) Voting between meetings

I.4.3 (d) Communicating with the COA

I.5 The Office for Accreditation [pdf]

I.5.1 Responsibilities of the Office for Accreditation

I.5.2 Directory of Accredited Programs

I.5.3 Schedule of reviews

I.6 Standards for Accreditation [pdf]

I.7 Accreditation statuses overview [pdf]

I.7.1 Disclosure of accreditation status

I.8 Precandidacy status [pdf]

I.8.1 Eligible programs

I.8.2 Application requirements

I.8.3 Review by the COA

I.8.4 Length of precandidacy status

I.8.5 Reporting to the COA

I.8.6 Fees

I.9 Candidacy status [pdf]

I.9.1 Eligibility requirements

I.9.2 Application requirements

I.9.3 Review by the COA

I.9.4 Length of candidacy status

I.9.5 Reporting to the COA

I.9.6 Fees

I.10 Candidacy status and initial accreditation of additional programs [pdf]

I.10.1 Requirements for candidacy status for an additional program

I.10.2 Review by the COA

I.10.3 Length of candidacy status

I.10.4 Reporting to the COA

I.10.5 Fees

I.11 Initial accreditation [pdf]

I.11.1 Retroactive period of initial accreditation

I.11.2 Disclosure of accreditation status

I.12 Continued accreditation [pdf]

I.12.1 Disclosure of accreditation status

I.13 Conditional accreditation [pdf]

I.13.1 Disclosure of accreditation status

I.14 Withdrawal of accreditation [pdf]

I.14.1 Voluntary withdrawal of accreditation

I.14.2 Date of withdrawal

I.14.3 Student status following withdrawal

I.15 Accreditation decisions [pdf]

I.16 Notice of Concern [pdf]

I.16.1 Procedures

I.16.2 Actions following a Notice of Concern

I.17 Appeal process [pdf]

I.18 Types of reports [pdf]

I.18.1 Statistical reports

I.18.2 Biennial narrative reports

I.18.3 Special reports

I.18.4 Progress reports

I.19 Types of reviews [pdf]

I.19.1 Comprehensive reviews

I.19.2 Progress review

I.20 Confidentiality and disclosure [pdf]

I.21 Complaints [pdf]

I.21.1 Complaints against an accredited program

I.21.2 Complaints against the COA

I.22 Institutional or programmatic changes [pdf]

I.23 Fees [pdf]

I.23.1 Schedule of fees

I.23.2 Other fees