IV. Appeal process

IV.1 Introduction to the appeal process [pdf]

IV.2 Rationale and grounds for appeal [pdf]

IV.2.1 Grounds for appeal

IV.2.2 Burden of proof

IV.3 Appeal procedure overview [pdf]

IV.4 Confidentiality and the appeal process [pdf]

IV.4.1 Confidentiality of appeal review

IV.4.2 Program status during appeal

IV.5 Withdrawal of appeal [pdf]

IV.6 Appeal Review Committee (ARC) [pdf]

IV.6.1 Roster of potential members

IV.6.2 Conflicts of interest for members of the ARC

IV.6.3 Composition of the ARC

IV.6.4 Appointing the ARC

IV.7 Appeal process details [pdf]

IV.7.1 Representatives

IV.7.2 Correspondence and document copies

IV.7.3 Expenses

IV.7.4 Documents to be submitted and deadlines

IV.8 Meeting of the ARC [pdf]

IV.8.1 Specifics of the ARC meeting

IV.9 Recommendation of the ARC and determination of the Executive Board [pdf]

IV.10 The role of the ALA Executive Board [pdf]

IV.11 Appeal process timeline and deadlines [pdf]

IV.12 Accreditation status effective dates [pdf]