Accredited Library and Information Studies Master's Programs from 1925 through Present

Below is a list of all library and information studies programs accredited by ALA since 1925. It is arranged by institution and includes currently and formerly accredited programs.

Students graduating from the programs on this list during the effective dates of accreditation have graduated from an ALA-accredited program.

In the case of discontinued or withdrawn accreditation, a grace period applies, which varies according to the date of withdrawal. Contact the Office for Accreditation to verify the grace period accreditation date for discontinued or withdrawn accreditation from a specific program.

Contact the Office for Accreditation to verify the retroactive initial accreditation dates.

Table of ALA-accredited programs since 1925




Alabama, University of

1972/73 to present

Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University (discontinued 1981)

1973/74 to August 1982

Alberta, University of

1968/69 to present

Arizona, University of

1972/73 to present

Atlanta University (see Clark Atlanta University)

1941/42 to June 1988

Ball State University (discontinued August 1985)

1978/79 to February 1987

Brigham Young University (discontinued August 1993)

1968/69 to February 1995

British Columbia, University of

1961/62 to present

California - Berkeley, University of

1924/25 to May 1994

California - Los Angeles, University of

1960/61 to present

Carnegie Institute of Technology (discontinued 1962)

1924/25 to 1962

Carnegie Library of Atlanta (transferred to Emory University 1930)

1924/25 to 1930

Case Western Reserve University (discontinued 1986)

1924/25 to December 1987

Catholic University of America

1946/47 to present

Chicago, University of (discontinued 1990)

1932/33 to December 1991

Chicago State University

2017/18 to present

Clarion University of Pennsylvania

1974/75 to present

Clark Atlanta University (discontinued 2005)

1941/42 to May 2005

Columbia University (see also New York Public Library and New York State; discontinued June 1992)

1925/26 to December 1993

Dalhousie University

1970/71 to present

Denver, University of

1932/33 to February 1987; 2003/04 to present

Dominican University (formerly Rosary College)

1936/37 to February 1957; 1960/61 to present

Drexel University

1924/25 to present

East Carolina University

2015 to present

Emory University (see also Carnegie Library of Atlanta; discontinued August 1988)

1928/29 to February 1990

Emporia State University

1930/31 to February 1958; 1964/65 to present

Florida State University

1951/52 to present

Hampton Institute (discontinued 1939)

1926/27 to 1940

Hawaii, University of

1965/66 to present

Illinois, University of

1924/25 to present

Indiana University

1951/52 to present

Iowa, University of

1969/70 to present

Kent State University

1961/62 to present

Kentucky, University of

1940/41 to present

Long Island University

1969/70 to present

Los Angeles Public Library (discontinued 1932)

1924/25 to 1933

Louisiana State University

1932/33 to present

McGill University

1927/28 to present

Maryland, University of

1965/66 to present

Marywood College

1944/45 to January 1956

Michigan, University of

1926/27 to present

Minnesota, University of (discontinued June 1985)

1933/34 to December 1986

Mississippi, University of (discontinued December 1984

Summer 1979 to June 1986

Missouri-Columbia, University of

1967/68 to present

Montreal, University of

1967/68 to present

New Jersey College for Women (discontinued 1952)

1927/28 to 1953

New York - Albany, State University of

1930/31 to February 1959; 1965/66 to present

New York - Buffalo, State University of

1970/71 to present

New York at Geneseo, State University of (discontinued August 1983)

1944/45 to February 1959; 1966/67 to February 1985

New York Public Library (consolidated with New York State Library School and transferred to Columbia University in 1926)

1924/25 to 1926

North Carolina - Chapel Hill, University of

1932/33 to present

North Carolina College for Women (discontinued 1933)

1929/30 to 1934

North Carolina - Greensboro, University of

1980/81 to present

North Carolina Central University

1973/74 to present

North Texas, University of

1965/66 to present

Northern Illinois, University of (discontinued May 1994)

1967/68 to May 1994

Oklahoma, University of

1930/31 to present

Old Dominion University

2022 to present

Oregon, University of (discontinued August 1978)

1966/67 to January 1980

Our Lady of the Lake College

1941/42 to January 1957

Ottawa, University of

2014 to present

Peabody College for Teachers, George (merged with Vanderbilt University 1979; discontinued in August 1988)

1930/31 to January 1990

Pittsburgh, University of

1962/63 to present

Pratt Institute

1924/25 to present

Puerto Rico, University of

1988/89 to present

Queens College, City University of New York

1968/69 to present

Rhode Island, University of

1969/70 to present

Rutgers University

1954/55 to present

St. Catherine University (formerly College of St. Catherine)

1929/30 to February 1959; 2009/2010 to present

St. John's University

1974/75 to present

St. Louis Library School (discontinued 1932)

1924/25 to 1933

San Jose State University

1967/68 to present

Simmons University (formerly Simmons College)

1924/25 to present

South Carolina, University of

1972/73 to present

South Florida, University of


1973/74 to present

Southern California, University of

1936/37 to December 1987; 2015-present

Southern Connecticut State University 1970/71 to December 2015; June 2018 to present

Southern Mississippi, University of

1978/79 to present

Syracuse University

1928/29 to present

Tennessee, University of

1972/73 to present

Texas - Austin, University of

1951/52 to present

Texas Woman's University

1936/37 to present

Toronto, University of

1935/36 to present

Vanderbilt University (see Peabody; discontinued August 1988)

1974/75 to February 1990

Valdosta State University

2006/2007 to present

Washington, University of

1924/25 to present

Wayne State University

1965/66 to present

Western Michigan University (discontinued 1983)

1946/47 to December 1984

Western Ontario, University of (Western University)

1967/68 to present

College of William and Mary (discontinued 1948)

1936/37 to 1949

Wisconsin - Madison, University of

1924/25 to present

Wisconsin - Milwaukee, University of

1974/75 to present