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At YBP Library Services, we are passionate about serving the needs of libraries and consortia in support of higher education. Whether helping create a new library technical workflow or crafting a patron driven acquisitions model, YBP has earned the trust and confidence of thousands of libraries worldwide through a combination of proven experience and partnership with each one of our customers.
YBP provides books and supporting collection management and technical services to academic, research and special libraries around the world. Over the years, we've grown from a small, one-room business to a global company of more than 300 employees. Today, YBP offers libraries and consortia the widest range of academic product offerings – in print and digital formats – of any scholarly bookseller, as well as value-added and customized services.
YBP was founded in 1971 as a bookseller to libraries. In 1999, we were acquired by Baker & Taylor, the world’s largest distributor of physical and digital books and entertainment products to libraries and retailers.
YBP’s is proud to offer GOBI (Global Online Bibliographic Information), an online database that provides libraries with a sophisticated acquisitions and collection management support system. GOBI offers ready access to querying, selecting, ordering, reporting, and approval plan profile management functions across a database of 3 million – and growing -- English-language titles.
We are also proud of the exceptional talents and dedication of our staff, which includes more than 20 professional librarians. Whether they are bibliographers or book processors, catalogers or continuations specialists, systems analysts or salespersons, YBP's employees are always focused on bringing value to our customers. YBP is truly an extension of each library we serve.
YBP's headquarters are located in Contoocook, N.H., a village 70 miles north of Boston.

Opportunities Sponsored

Student Writing & Development Award

The YBP Student Writing and Development Award is given to honor the best article on a topic in the area of library administration and management

Esther J. Piercy Award

The Esther J. Piercy Award was established by the Resources and Technical Services Division of the American Library Association in 1968 in memory of Esther

Excellence in Academic Libraries Award

To recognize academic librarians and staff who work together as a team to develop academic libraries that are outstanding in furthering the educational missions of