Library Systems & Services, LLC (LSSI)

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Founded by library professionals, Library Systems & Services, LLC is the country's premier provider of library management services.
The innovative solutions and new options we provide communities, city officials and library professionals are designed to help them successfully surmount their challenges and create a brighter future for their library.
Since 1981, LSSI has been partnering with communities to provide more efficient and effective ways to manage new and existing library operations.
We specialize in helping communities create a fresh, revitalized, new beginning for their library:
- implementing cost-saving efficiencies
- locating un-tapped funds
- harnessing today's electronic resources
- creating community outreach programs LSSI is continually finding innovative ways to help the libraries and communities it serves to become more successful.A Proud History, Built on Trust
LSSI has a proud history of providing vital contributions to libraries serving local communities, schools, colleges, corporations and the federal government.
On every assignment, we have earned the respect of each community we serve and the trust of officials who have invested in our expertise.

Opportunities Sponsored

Gordon M. Conable Award

The recipient of the Gordon M. Conable Award must have demonstrated a commitment to intellectual freedom and the Library Bill of Rights in various ways