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This is simply a branding change. There are no additional changes that impact our organization, the contacts that YBP customers have across the company, or the services that we provide. Why did we make this change? Although YBP Library Services has been working with academic libraries primarily in North America, Australia, Hong Kong and New Zealand for over 40 years, YBP is not as well known in other international markets where we’re expanding access to more academic libraries. In fact, in some countries, the terms “Yankee” and “Peddler” have negative connotations. Since EBSCO already has a strong brand and reputation among academic institutions worldwide and the Sales teams in these areas are representing YBP along with other EBSCO services, it makes sense to incorporate EBSCO into the new brand. In addition, during branding discussions with members of EBSCO’s Academic Advisory Board, it was clear that GOBI is a very familiar product brand that represents choice of formats, suppliers, and publishers. After careful consideration and with all of this feedback in mind, we are transitioning YBP Library Services to GOBI Library Solutions from EBSCO effective October. Over the next few weeks and months you will see this new brand represented in everything we do from our website, emails, and newsletters to invoices, packing slips, and shipper boxes.

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