Access and Equity Section

Our community is dedicated to advocacy and equity in areas such as accessibility, copyright, dismantling systemic racism, equity of access, open access, net neutrality, privacy, and representative collections in all types of libraries. We support ALA's lobbying efforts in these areas and provide programming and training in support of equity, diversity, and inclusion, both within the division and the profession.

As Core's only section not tied directly to a previous section in one of the three former divisions, we have a great opportunity to build a vibrant, new community. The section Leadership Team looks forward to collaborating with all Core members as we create new committees and interest groups.

Have questions about this section? Contact the Access & Equity Section Leadership Team.

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Interest Groups

Interest groups are currently being formed and will be listed here once they become active.

Awards and Scholarships

Awards and scholarships are currently being set up and will be listed here once they become active.