The "COG" in Cognotes is actually an acronym for the Committee on Governance (COG) that was within the Junior Members Round Table (JMRT), which is the original name of the New Members Round Table (NMRT). You can see the evolution of the publication in three 1972 issues of the JMRT Footnotes newsletter; specifically, the March, June, and September 1972 issues.  Also see the reaction to the publication, as written about in the September 1972 "American Libraries" magazine.


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Slideshare has a collection - SlideShare is an online slide hosting service.

NXTbook also has a collection - Nxtbook Media is a privately owned digital publishing company that provides the creation, distribution, and tracking of digital editions of magazines and other digital publications. Nxtbooks use Adobe Flash and XML to display digital publications both online and offline.

ALA Conference Services Office also has a small supply available.