Terms and Definitions

Three awards are given annually to recognize and honor books for their distinguished portrayal of people living with a disabling condition.

  • younger children, ages 0 to 8
  • middle grades, ages 9 to 13
  • teens, ages 14 to 18.
  1. The person with the disability may be the protagonist or a secondary character.
  2. Definition of disability. Dr. Schneider has intentionally allowed for a broad interpretation by her wording, the book “must portray some aspect of living with a disability, whether the disability is physical, mental, or emotional.” This allows each committee to decide on the qualifications of particular titles. Books with death as the main theme are generally disqualified.
  3. The books must be published in English. The award may be given posthumously.
  4. Term of eligibility extends to publications from the preceding year, e.g. 2013 awards are given to titles published in 2012.
  5. When a picture book wins the award, the $5000.00 will be divided equally between the author and illustrator.